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Doors, opening Doors
I'm Opening Doors
and Closing Doors
I am safe
It's only Change
I am safe
It's Only CHANGE
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      I showed up at the doors of NA, owning a sweatshirt, a slingshot, purple pants, and a pair of pink flip flops - lost my glasses in jail - and had been cutting my own hair for about 6 years. Family hadn't talked to me in 10 years, and my husband was in jail.
I thought this gave me an advantage - other people were struggling with “should I go on vacation to Jamaica for two weeks with my family, the adults all drink and my cousins will be smoking pot”
I had only no distractions, no choices, and I believed that helped me stay in the program.
Now I see lots of the dressed up, new car driving, ‘fancy family newcomers’ who were with me back then and they are 20+years clean and doing good, same as me.

It is an inside job. Rich & poor, young & old, mentally or physically impaired & the healthy, we can all get clean.
Some of our meetings where held in a psychiatric hospital 
that also had Chemical Dependency rehab.
So we got clean with groups of schizophrenics who 
I still see at meetings. They are living their lives clean and loving it.
It’s the 'keep coming back' that makes the difference.
I have learned not to compare my insides to someone elses outsides.

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