Addicted Mother Child Abandonment Wits End Interventions

Wits End Addiction Intervention team 
traveled to help a Mom 
find her missing daughter

Meth Addiction had taken this young Mother 
to the streets.  No one had heard from her in months.  She had Abandoned her Children to their father's custody. 

The Grandmother was missing her daughter and her Grandkids too.
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Wits End Addiction
Intervention Time Is Now

We passed flyers out all around the town. 500 flyers were given to every bartender, motel worker and all of the patrons that would talk to us.

All of the people we talked to were very nice and concerned willing to take time out to talk to us when we said we had "a missing girl" and showed them her picture. The soft white underbelly of society quickly showed their loving perfect souls to a Mom who was out looking for her lost kid.

I am so moved just to talk about it.

We were in the seedy parts of a kind of blue collar type town in California where you could easily find the drugging and drinking culture.  I am sure the town had all types of rich & poor people as most American towns do, but it wasn't a tourist town. That's what I mean by "blue collar." I am from Orange County so that's my point of reference.

It had been a hot day as we walked by the motel doors. Many tattooed people stood in and out of their doorways visiting back and forth. Standing in little groups. Shirtless, cigarette smoking men, some hard looking girls, and a scattering of kids lined the pathways of the motels. We passed out fliers to them. Mostly the men spoke to us. I could smell liquor on their breath and pot in the air wafting out out the rooms here and there a little. A few of the women chased their kids inside and closed their doors at the sight of of us. But we must not have been too ominous because for the most part no one even noticed we were among them until we came right into their space and called ourselves to their attention saying,

" Hey Brother we have a missing girl" Then we handed them the flyer with her picture, her name, and her Mother's phone number. The people shared a soul to soul human moment with us and asked us questions about the girl and who was the Mother, Me or my client. We had my male assistant with us so we were not very afraid.  My intervention partner is a cleaned up, SAVED, good man. His arms are "sleeved" with prison type blue tattoos. He dresses well and carries himself like a businessman who is in fit condition.

He is a contradiction to look at; fine clothing, designer accessories all mixed with an undeniable air of long term streets experience.

Days of cruising our girl's neighborhoods and talking to her closest people, then getting the word out on the street that the intervention team is here in town with her Mother.  I am so faithful in a power greater than myself that I believe we go in 'stir up the energy, get into prayer and active conversation with the major players' and the client comes to us.

I have been doing intervention and search and rescues out of the drug hoods for over 20 years.
I know, as professionals we suit up and show up, pull the families energy into a focused intention, keep the family on task as we educate them and wait together hold an intense concentrated visual that draws the suffering addict into the circle of love and safety.

 But, we do all of the foot work any of us can possibly think of.  The family stays very busy and involved, they begin to feel a sense of some power returning.

Many of our clients have been suffering, powerless to help their addicted loved one, just waiting.

This directed, positive action is such a relief.
Often families have been fighting with each other
being just too scared.

They feel so much better as soon as we get to them
and they begin to believe "This intervention can be

Well it all worked out for the highest good once again. We stand about 98% successful on our interventions resulting in an admission to treatment over the last 20 some years of interventions. The facts

We found the girl we were looking for, she called me and we had several heart to heart phone calls and volumes of text between us.

She wanted to come into treatment so badly.

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Children of Addiction Abandoned
 Drug Addicted Mothers
Broken Homes
Intervention Now
She had lost her two boys to her husband who had gotten clean and had a new women to help him with the kids.

Her heart was badly broken and she was scared.

She thanked me so much for looking for her.

The way I got her after all, was by getting the word to her that I would turn her long dead cell phone back on. Our girl drives a tweak-er van packed full of dirty clothes and all of the remnants of belongings that she carries around with her in the streets.

She said, she had to dig in when her long dead cell phone started ringing, and she answered it because I called with an ‘out of the area’ phone number.

She did not want to speak to or see any of her family.  She was much too embarrassed and resentful.
Overwhelming shame and blame is a standard bi-product of substance abuse.  These feeling hurt the user and those who love them so very deeply.

She said she felt happy and relieved to talk to me as a counselor who would listen to her and as a recovering addict myself who had also 'lost my young kids custody' due to my own drug addiction experience, some 20 years earlier.

We talked over hours as she reported her progress of getting her self packed and coming to meet me at my hotel. I stayed awake on "tweak-er time", waiting.  Hours and hours passed.

Her calls stopped.
I didn't hear from her any more.
Her Mom had us wait and search for 5 more days.

Then Mom had a breakdown, then a breakthrough.

Mom confessed she herself was suffering with a high end, long term, late stage addiction to pain pills.

My partner, Mom, and myself witnessed a miracle over the next couple of days. Mom turned into an entirely different person. She looked so pale and held herself in an entirely new way. She had told me she didn't like to text and wasn't very good at it.

Mom started writing text one after the other, talking about God and what the higher power would have us do. This women had been spewing negativity to us full of blame on every major player in her life.   She had also directed negative emotions to me and my assistant for on and off for several days.  Now in the place of the blame, the stories of victimization, and blow by blow accounts of a hand full of active lawsuits she has pending against 4 or 5 of the monsters responsible for her horrible existence; now came a deeply intimate spiritual resolve to take power in her own life.

She fell into a surrender back into the 12-step recovery program of which she had a commanding knowledge.

So we drove with the Mom back to Orange County last night down the Grapevine in Friday night LA rush hour traffic as we were all beyond tired.  We were living through a miracle in a hyped up sleeplessness, sharing and listening to a complete surrender allowing God to take charge of the missing daughter, the Grand kids, and her own process to recovery.  She even spoke of forgiving the people she was suing.

The intervention wasn't just for the girl it was for her Mom too I stay ready and open to receive guidance, my work is often not of this world.

The girl is a sad mess. I put in a missing persons report to the police.  The cops knew her and said she has a court date coming up and will probably not show, so they will arrest her at that time.
Our plan became that we will take the Mom to treatment now, then the police will notify us when she is in custody and we will come back to get her out of jail when her day comes.

If she lives until the arrest she will have her time of intervention and a shot at recovery because her Mom wants to give that to her daughter. This time now was about the Mom.

_________________Three Weeks Later______________________ 

I had continued to send text messages to the daughter 
the original intervention client.
Up until now I sent several text a day with no response from her in return.

I sent encouraging messages, 
passages from Narcotics Anonymous, 
and 'Snap out of it, you need to get well and back to your kids' texts. 

As the Mom was in her 3rd week of recovery,

The daughter called me, she said she was ready and wanted me to pick her up.

I told her where to go to wait for me, made many calls and arranged a safe place for her.
We got it together and began our trip to her within the hour.
We took her into a different treatment center away from her Mom so they could both have their own time to get down to their selves and God.  Being around family only complicates the primary soul searching work they need to do.

The last time I spoke to them revealed the out come to me.  Mom and daughter had both completed treatment successfully.  The daughter stayed on in treatment long term.  

Mom and daughter were living together in Mom's lovely big house.  Some twist of fate had made it necessary for the daughter to take over the care of her two estranged children.  All four of them were together, living in health, safety, and love.

It is up to them if they keep going to their meetings and stay clean from here or if they throw
it all away again.  Some people let the life AA gives them, take them away from AA.
I wish them well.

We pray for the addict who still suffers 
Child Abuse, Angery Child, Hurt child, little boy with and attitude
Go ahead, Mind Somebodies business
Multi-Generational Pain Hurts Everybody
Intervention Now

And the children caught in the cross fire 

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