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Golf and Sober Coaching Orange County Rehab
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“Golf is the closest game to the game we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shots - but you have to play the ball where it lies.”

What is great about the game of golf is that you are not aware that you are learning life and recovery lessons while doing what you love. Golf and Life are about practice, persistence, and staying in the present.

Practice is developing a routine to take to the golf course. That routine when properly developed will stand up under pressure, failure and success.
In sobriety, we learn a routine for life which will stand up

under pressure, failure and success.

Persistence means striving for greatness in the face of adversity. If we hit a bad shot, we learn that the bad shot is history.  It is in the past.  There is nothing we can do about it.  We figure out where in our routine we went wrong, correct it, and prepare for the next shot.  
In recovery, we come in with a past we aren’t proud of.  Like the bad shot in golf, it’s history. We figure out where we made our mistakes, correct them, and prepare for the next phase of life. 
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Staying in the present is staying out of the future and letting go of the past.  We can’t predict the future nor change the past.  We go back to the routine. 
When we stay present to the routine, we execute the shot. 

In recovery we call it, 
“One Day At a Time.”
I was with a new student/client on the driving range the other day.  He had never swung a golf club.

We worked on golf’s 3 fundamentals and a basic pre-shot routine during our hour session. While 
riding home, we reviewed the session. “When I relax and don’t try so hard, I was able to hit the ball,” he recalled. “I do the same thing in life. 
I get so tense and try to force things, I end up frustrated and angry.”
“I see the importance of a routine,” he continued. “If I develop a routine for life, I see how it
can help with my recovery. When I hit a bad shot, I was able to forget it and concentrate on the next ball.  I can do that this week.”
When we relax, stay in the present, and concentrate on our routine, life works.  If we hit a bad shot, tee it up again and smack it down the middle!  So the next time life seems to be impossible, escape to Wits Inn to clear your head and learn something new about golf and about life

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