Sober living Orange County Wits End Rehab and Intervention

Sober Living Orange County Wits End Rehab and Intervention 
Cost effective means it is possible to stay away from old places, playmates, fand playthings until you have begun to establish a new life full of people who are staying clean and want to help you in your recovery.  

Sober living Orange County Wits End Rehab and Intervention

Sober Living Orange County 

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At a distance, you only see my Light;
come closer and know that I am you.
 — reading A year with Rumi

     Wits End Addiction Rehab and Intervention Referrals have been in the treatment center business for more than two decades. 
     Sober Living Orange County 
Also Located in South Orange County 
     We have seen a lot of changes in the field as the trained clinicians have researched statistics and studied the developing knowledge about brain chemistry.  

Addiction treatment information has grown by leaps & bounds in the past 20+ years.  

Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob were the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous in 1930.  
Then came the Big Book of AA.  The message of the Big Book was a bold statement,
 "Active alcoholism could be arrested." by reprograming one's thinking.
  With honesty, open-mindedness and willingness, while working the 12 steps. You can find Self-realization.
Finding some faith (or acting as if), discovering your behavioral patterns that no longer serve you, making amends, living a mindful life of meditative prayer, incorporating care for others, and a service oriented existence for your humble self improvement.  

Some people hear of this route to sobriety and think that is too much and not for me. "I just want to stop the consequences of drinking and using.  Being clean & sober in the program of recovery gives a person so much more healing and happiness than just the physical sobriety people may be seeking.       
Addiction is said to be incurable, in which the writers are stating their belief in total abstinence.  So you can get sober and feel great, do beautiful things, and return to a high level of competency, but if you ever use mind altering intoxicants again, you are very likely to go back to the same previous level of addictive behavior or possibly get even worse. 

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We have seen a lot of changes in the field, from the old Halfway Houses to all of the newer top dollar Malibu style treatment centers.  I feel that there is a need for it all and every new idea in between. 
What I like is the Wits Inn experiential concept.  
As the owner and co-founder, you know Wits Inn operates with my preferred rehab methods.  
My wife and I have decided to keep this recovery opportunity affordable so people can stay in the long term in sober living after two or 3 months of intensive primary treatment.   
Our goal is to let people know that it takes time and structure to heal the brain.  Put your life back together again after years of acting out and dealing with stress by using intoxicants.  
If you spend your whole recovery investment in the first month, you may not be as willing to stay on for awhile.
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Drinking or using can be a big part of your lifestyle, even for those who do not consume daily.  
The longer you stay away, the better chance you have to recover. 
Getting a sober coach is an excellent idea.
Someone that can help the client to get his stuff in order.
Help with court issues, your job, and help you find some sober outside activities.
Some thing to do to have fun. 

The big book of Alcohol Anonymous 


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