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Drug Alcohol Intervention
Intervention Introduction and Description

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Please don’t wait until “the alcoholic or addict gets ready to get help.” 
man passed out drunk on the tolet
Hitting Bottom is a Myth

 They may very well never get ready on their own.
     That was an old way of thinking – believing that a person had to get ready to get help. 
Once a person is locked into addiction, they become unable to process thoughts effectively

     They are most often caught up in the pain of re-thinking the same thoughts of negativity over and over again for years and years, which spirals them deeper and deeper into hopelessness, resentment, & despair
     Intervention raises the bottom, which means take power, intervene, make this time now, the bottom, stop and don’t let them have to dig any deeper. 
     In letting them “hit bottom on their own,” the results manifest as jails, institutions, or death. The question becomes, ‘Is your family willing to let your loved one sink that low,’ or do you want to use the therapeutic tool of intervention; and present the opportunity to improve the quality of life today? 
    I will share some of my experience by saying alcoholics and addicts do recover from this seemingly hopeless state of mind & body.

Interventionist helps addict step up to recovery
Intervention Helps
Hitting Bottom is a myth 

Professional Intervention Services

Loriann Witte CAC, CNADI, RAS

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For The Reluctant To Recover 
Wits End Interventions Services 

Intervention services are for families who need help in approaching their loved one. We have a trained and experienced intervention team who are able to travel most anywhere. We offer facilitated professional assistance with this critical problem

The Intervention Process:
Your Questions Answered


The intervention begins at the Family Meeting.
The counselor holds a planning, education and therapy session with the intervention group the night before the intervention.
Each member of the intervention group will be asked to write a letter about their experiences in order to help the treatment staff later work through the issues the client will be faced with.
The counselor leads the group toward a presentation of one unified message: “You have a problem, we have a solution. We offer all of our collective support for your recovery and will no longer tolerate, or enable, your addiction in any way.
We love you so much we have had difficulty saying no to you. We have now brought in a professional to guide us in setting boundaries and consequences. We will not go back to the status quo. Today is the day the abuse stops.”
We understand that everyone has been worried and has differing thoughts of what should be done.
The professional interventionist polls everybody’s energy and gets it all moving in one direction.
We discuss and eliminate all of the reasons the addict will have for not going to treatment.
We delegate the client’s daily life tasks among the participants (ie taking care of the kids, pets, the house) to alleviate this stress from the addict.
We also deal with employment issues. We also decide as a group what we will do for the client while they are in treatment, and what the consequences are if they try to refuse this gift.
Wits End Interventions has a 98% success rate of admitting intervention clients.

The Intervention

As an informed, educated, and organized group in agreement with our goal, we meet with the client. We do not have to solve all family problems, nor do we have to know how the addiction can be healed.
We go to the addict with one common understanding: our loved one must have professional help, or may soon die.
Treatment is essential.
We have done our homework and made the best arrangements, and today is the day.
We are here with all of our love and power to stop the downward spiral here and now.


We get the client ready and willing, and then take them to treatment.
The power and intensity of the intervention opens a window of opportunity.
The client is emotionally transcended into a state of willingness.
Whether this state of willingness is brought about by the presentation of love and concern, or the fear of consequences, the result is the same.
It’s a short window.
We must continue in action immediately, before the denial mechanism takes control again.
The message at the end of the intervention is you have 20 minutes to pack, our flight leaves in about an hour.
At this point we keep the stimulus very low.
The client most likely is in a reflective state of mind and does not want much interaction.
We need an independent means of transportation to the airport, or a family member who will not elicit any further confrontation from the client.
When the intervention is over it is over.
We stop the confrontation and let the client lean into the impartial professionalism of the counselor.
I am also a recovering addict.
The therapeutic value of one addict helping another is without parallel.
The interventionist and the client fly or drive to the treatment center together.


The counselor completes the transition from the intervention into the treatment admissions process.
We make every effort to introduce them to the staff and explain the process of making themselves comfortable.
The interventionist explains to the counseling staff the disposition of the intervention and the reports of the family in an effort to educate the treatment staff as to the truths the client needs to face and work through.

The intervention letters are given to the staff for the client to use later in therapy.

One goal of treatment is to break down their denial of the severity of the disease.
Another treatment goal is to resolve and let go of resentment.
Reviewing the intervention letters with a sober head and the guidance of a therapist is done to bring about an understanding of the love involved in the gift of intervention and recovery.

We do recover. (949) 292-2000 or text 949-413-4109 

Loriann Witte Certified Interventionist

Codependency is a very painful out of control existence too.

Denial of the severity of the problem is very common.

Laguna Beach as seen from Hiesler Park
Intervention works 
Yes the addict & alcoholic in your life, is making YOU sick and less than YOUR best self.

(Al-anon is a powerful tool or the family

program associated with Narcotics Anonymous


Addiction is a disease of the body, mind, and spirit.

Recovery brings hope. 949-292-2000

Sober living Sacramento County Are you clean on suboxone

Witts End Recovery, Are you at your Witts End, Dana Point
Are you clean on suboxone
or DRT Drug Replacement Therapy?

Witts End Recovery can help you with any thing you need for addiction rehab 949-292-2000

Total absences is my personal choice and what I have been given the grace to maintain 
12 step programs in-conjunction with my spiritual path for 25 years of clean time

I am a recovering addict. My drugs of choice were - heroin, methadone, pills = opiates
Painless Opiate Detox Witts End Recovery
Witts End Recovery 949-292-2000
But I did cocaine with the opiates
And had long period of pot, acid, then got into a 6 year run of IV meth
All ways using alcohol
Sometimes my opiate addiction would relieve my alcoholism for small periods

I am able to identify with other hard drug addicts 

My heart goes out to you guys going through hell trying to treat opiate withdrawals with more opiates and whatever at home by yourselves. It does not have to be that way. 
The one guy said he doesn't like any ranting about being clean. 
I am clean now after 16 years of spending so much pain trying to detox myself with methadone, goofball pills different doc's gave me, leaving town without taking dope with the plan of drinking myself straight. I got clean when I got a medical detox + meetings. 
This usually starts for most of us by getting into rehab. 
Loriann Witte Comfortable Opiate Detox
I want to help you get off of DRT 
You can be clean 

I know at one time I was much more functional and able to work when I was on Methadone. I once believed that as long as I was off of heroin or meth that I was doing fine. But, I always continued to drink or smoke pot daily and even use cocaine on the weekends. The methadone maintenance cut down on my criminal activities because I did not need as much money to support my drugs and had time to hold a regular job.

Methadone maintenance and methadone detox used to keep me in a state of only a minimal amount of crime-ing. And at the time, that was as much as I hoped for my self. Replacement drugs are a come up for people who have given up on themselves, accepting that they are hopeless dope fiends, and have no contact with grace or faith. We are each a whole, well, and perfect living being with infinite possibilities. There is hope & there is help. If you have no money and no one to help you... 

AA meeting rooms
AA & NA will change your life
Replacement Drug Therapy
 is a place to start
You can have even better
Go to NA high, I did. Go everyday and your life will fall together. You will get lead to detox.

If you have family or someone who can help you with some thousands, then it is easy.

Call me, or call somebody who does detox and rehab referrals. Get your loved one to call them so they can make a deal to get you in for medical detox. 949-292-2000

Opiate replacements like methadone or suboxone still keep you high, unclear, in attention deficit, Lethargic & in bondage to the drug.

I needed a change of my thought system and a spiritual awakening. I was not even close to being clear enough to be able to use my brain’s higher functions while I was intoxicated on these replacement drugs.

Thank God I am clean today. The 12 step programs are maybe not for everybody. Any stabilization a junkie can manage makes the world a safer place for themselves and others. When I was on methadone that was all I was ready to do for myself at that time and it cut down my menacing activities by about 60 or 70%.

So suboxone is a favorable solution for society as a whole and for the addict. If this is all that want for yourself or your loved ones, it is better than daily crimes for street drugs.  But know there is a better life available to all of us.

Suboxone is a miracle drug for opiate detox in a controlled live in setting. On the streets it is another drug of abuse. As a recovering heroin addict. A big part of my years of addiction was methadone, 3 years maintenance (which I kicked in jail) plus continuous 40 day methadone detoxes, As long as I used that stuff I was using. Doc are all up in it now as businesses. It is up to each person if you want to be clean you have got to quit usings all drugs. I take psych meds and hormones, that stuff is medicine. Methadone, Suboxone, xanex, pot.. that stuff is drugs. As addicts we surely know the difference.

1.  If you are an addict or the loved one of an addict making the decision to go on suboxone verses getting detox and treatment to get clean; be sure you understand suboxone is settling for controlled active addiction. There are only 2 choices for an addict.

Active addiction: Where we are a considered a derelict, and a person living with untreated or declaring ourselves as untreatable with a progressive, eventually fatal mental, and physical illness.


2. Recovery: A renewal of body, mind, and spirit where we take our place among the living pursuing our right to happiness.

Please understand that if suboxone or methadone is all you can handle right now, then it is something a little better. Suboxone is also giving up, saying you have no sight of yourself as a person among persons.

I say go to treatment. If you get on suboxone, get off as soon as you can (which is easier planned than done) Treatment centers give you suboxone for maybe 10 days or a little longer, that’s all you need for detox, really I know, I kicked many times in my 16 years of using. Kicking is terrifying, but from one addict to another I can promise you it is not that bad at all in a treatment center with all of the new medication cocktail mixtures the well informed Doctors are using. It is much easier now than it used to be. If you can get a suboxone cocktail while you stay at a detox, treatment center, residential whatever type of place where you live in for detox and as long of term treatment as you can get. Suboxone from a doctor as an outpatient is just another drug of abuse most every time, even when you mean to use it to get clean.

Addicts do recover. It can be done and it is wonderful. Never give up on yourself, even in the face of the people giving up on us. You were born a perfect child of God and have a right to all of the best you can get for yourself, just like every other person on the planet. This is your life, your time to be alive, and you are not bound by the past. Recovery is about establishing a relationship with the here and now. I love you. I and plenty of people like me are waiting for you, wanting help you in the rooms of AA & NA.

Call Alcoholics Anonymous, or Narcotics Anonymous, ask the operator for AA central office or NA central office in the big city near you, ask where the meetings are in your area. Call your parents for money for treatment, call the county Dept. of Drugs and Alcohol or your county Dept. of Mental Health, or look up, they have referrals for free detoxes.

Get yourself safe, get tough, any idiot on the street can use and live the life of a looser.

Reach deep inside, say a little prayer 
(whether you believe it will work or not).

You can have any life you want, you are the one who chooses, only you!

Demand the good life that is yours to have.

Loriann Witte 


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Six Negotiation Intervention Strategies

Six Negotiation Intervention Strategies

WitsEndInterventions, At your Wits End, Rapid Painless Detox, 949-292-2000
Intervention Services Pet Friendly
Professional Interventionist travels to you
Once you have decided to do the intervention, we let nothing stop us from moving forward
The addict and the enablers have been a part of the problem
The solution is professional help, Now is the time
Addicts do recover
The interventionist supports you in stopping the disease process
and getting the recovery process started now

You pick your team from family and friends who are supporting you in this effort
The intervention can also be done by just you and the interventionist

The Interventions spends up to three days time with you. We take the time to prepare your intervention team to feel completely ready & empowered with the knowledge of how to present the treatment plan attractively a manner of dignity and respect

Women A glow, on fire with love, meditation, levitation, deep thought

Love the person into an open mind
with heartfelt talk, sincerity, and some humor
Going into the consequences phase of intervention is best held as a last resort
Best case scenario, is to write the consequences separately
only to be used by the rehab therapist if needed as a block to prevent an untimely discharge from treatment if your loved one becomes compulsive, or has cravings while in the program

The pre intervention meetings can last a couple of hours once or twice before the
actual intervention morning

When we are ready We meet with your loved one upon their awakening

What ever the time of their personal morning is expected to start

Before they have a chance to get intoxicated or bogged down by their day



The most important part of the intervention is the letter that you will be writing,
and reading OUT LOUD to your loved one.

Everyone participating in the intervention must write a letter.

This letter is to be written prior to the intervention written in the first person (Dear John), and must be read out loud, during the intervention,
by the person who wrote it (unless they cannot be there).

An intervention letter is composed of 6 parts.

Please write your letter using the following guidelines:
Each Part
Is an Intervention Negotiation Strategy
Dig Deep and express your true feelings -
This is the time, NOW to get these things from your heart to theirs

Part 1 – Identification

Introduce the power of the relationship. For example: “I have loved you unconditionally since the before you were born”.

Please name your relationship. For example: “We have been friends for over 20 years”.

Remove all objections before they arise.
For example: “I realize that I have contributed to your disease by drinking with you on many occasions and I am sorry”.

Part 2 – Love

Why do you love this person? Please list all their positive attributes.

Please talk about your fondest memories and experiences with your loved one, with humor

Please talk about times you have been proud and grateful to have them in your life.

Part 3 – Changes

What has addiction changed about your loved one’s personality?

What has changed about your relationship with your loved one?

Part 4 – The Facts

Please list as many specific incidents that have been a direct result of your
loved one’s substance abuse. For example: “On Thanksgiving last year, you
got so drunk that we pleaded with you not to drive home."
You wouldn’t listen and on the way home, you were pulled over and arrested for a DUI”.

Please be brief, specific, and only discuss incidents that you witnessed firsthand.
Let us not talk about unknown things that will make them want to argue the facts.

Please refrain from using any judgmental language.

Part 4 - Apology

Your loved one may be willing to die while waiting for an apology.
At the base of the broken heart of

Addiction is true or perceived trauma. As you have noticed the addict holds a lot of blame for others. If this desire for an apology is keeping this person sick and robbing them of their will to live; now is the time to give the apology to them. We could of course have done better. No human interaction is perfect. In the clear light of hind sight see what YOU have said or done to harm this sick & dying person. Go to any length to save their life now. Give the gift of apology.

We are not here in intervention to present "we are right & you are wrong"
State a desire to change. We all need to learn more and change in recovery.
Addiction is a family disease.

Part 5 – Understanding

- This is the part of your letter where you let your loved one know that you
understand that they are sick and that this addiction is not their fault.

Please let them know that you understand that this is not a matter of willpower or “weak character”.

However, this is also where you let them know that while it is not their fault that they have a disease.
State that they are the only one who can take the action to change their own mind  & is their fault if they choose to do nothing about…
Say The family has decided to no longer take part in your suffering
We are giving you this support to change your life experience and Today is the Day!!!

Part 6- The Ask

Please end your by letter saying whatever you feel you haven’t gotten a chance to say to you loved one.

Briefly explain the research you have done and how you believe this to be the best and most comfortable treatment center for them.
Let them know that you have done your due diligence and would not send them to a place where you would not go yourself, if you needed to.

Most importantly, please end your letter by asking your loved one to accept help. Be direct and specific. For example:
“Please accept the help that we are offering, I love you and want you to go into treatment today with Loriann."

Loriann Witte CAC, RAS, CNDAI

Cell phone # 949-413-4109

Witts Inn Recovery Dana Point CA, Intervention, Drug rehab at the beach
Beach Cities Addiction Rehab Referrals 

Sober living requirements

Sober Living Requirements 
Wits Inn Recovery - San Juan Capistrano, CA
Cozy living room, pleanty of comfortable places to sit, fireplace, big TV
Orange County Sober Living
It is better to travel well than to arrive. It's not the destination that is so important, it's the trip in its self, that's why we should enjoy the journey more than the arrival. Being out and about is the fun part.  

Food for thought. Pat Witte 949-413-4109 

Big living room with high ceilings, nice light, open air, beautiful art, spacious
12 Step Program language
spoken here
As a single drop of water fills a bucket so do small deeds of evil; as a single drop of water fills a bucket so do small deeds of good.

The Narcotics Anonymous Basic Text includes the following chapters:

NA Basic Text, Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, AA Big Book, Chinese Chest
12 Step Programs
1.Who is an Addict?
2. What Is the Narcotics Anonymous Program?

3. Why Are We Here?
4. How It Works
5. What Can I Do?
6. The Twelve Traditions of Narcotics Anonymous
7. Recovery and Relapse
8. We Do Recover
9. Just For Today – Living the Program
10. More Will be Revealed 

Narcotics Anonymous book, the online version is the most current and up-to-date available by the NA fellowship.  Please check out the full version as a PDF at the official NA website:  To find it, look under the section titled “NA Literature.”


1.) No Drinking

2.) No Drugging

3) Program Fee must be paid on time (1st of the month)

4.) Smoking in designated area(s) only
No vapor in the house or in meetings

5.) Absolutely no sexual contact between residents.
This is cause for immediate eviction.

6.) Stealing, destruction of property and violent behavior is cause for
immediate eviction and may be grounds for law enforcement to be called.

7.) No company aloud in the house-no exceptions. If you have company, you must leave the premises to spend time with them.

1.) Attend a minimum of Daily 12-Step Recovery meetings each week.
 Show proof (Court Card)

2.) Take medications) as prescribed. Keep medical and mental health appointments.

3.) Clean up after yourself. Keep yourself and your room clean.

4.) Take messages for other house members.

5.) Inform House Managers if you are to be away overnight.

6.) Everyone must complete daily house chores in a timely fashion.

7.) If it does not belong to you, do not use it or take it. Ask First!

9.) Participate in mandatory G.I. cleaning on Saturdays’ (if work schedule does not permit, other arrangements will be made with House Managers to complete your G.I. cleaning)

10.) Attend mandatory house meetings on Saturday just before G.I. Cleaning

11.) Curfew on the weekdays 10:00 pm unless you have previous authorization from your house manager. Curfew on the weekends 12:00 pm


 Residents pay monthly, payment is due 3 days in advance of your 4-week date.
 If you relapse or have behavioral issues
 consider your fees as a contributions to help others stay clean.

 House Managers have the right to enter residents' rooms without prior notice.
 We reserve the right to do random drug and alcohol testing at any time on any resident.

 If evicted, the former resident will not enter premises for any reason.

 Disruptive, threatening, or abusive behavior toward Staff or residents will not be tolerated and may be grounds for law enforcement to be call and or immediate eviction.

 Procedure for suspected drug/alcohol use is as follows: A voluntary urine screen may be requested by managers at resident’s expense if the test is positive. If a resident relapses,  he/she must go into detoxification for a minimum of three days; he/she then may be eligible to return.

 Anonymity is vital to our sober living and its residents.


Wits Inn stays vigilant to maintain a peaceful house where we can all grow and learn how to act appropriately. 
Witts Inn Recovery, There is Help & Hope, sun rise Catalina over Pacific Ocean
Call Wits Inn 949-292-2000

We want to make you comfortable and give you an opportunity to change your thinking and change
your life.  

Loriann Witte looks at Lulu Dog with love and joy, Lulu meditates
Pet Friendly Drug Rehab
At the Beach
Call now talk to Loriann Witte 
or Pat Witte

Pet Friendly Drug Rehab 
At The Beach 
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Sober living Dr Drew

Sober Living and Dr Drew call 949-292-2000 

What do you have to learn about your life to stay sober?
The study of mind, body, and spirit is called Holistic's. 
    You may feel you know this and you have heard it all before.
fire place, treasure chest, mystic elephants
Wits Inn Recovery
Something Different
      Often client's and their parents call for help saying "I have been to treatment before and have learned this information in the past."
Go for something Different.
Wits Inn can give you a lighter schedule - of some more thoughtful subjects.
Remember it is more about the healing effect of the process, than it is about the information.
Being exposed to positive input about how you and your feelings work in this world brings about mindfulness and a deeper level of thinking.
Go deeper, and find your higher self
Without needing to get high on substances to feel OK.
Six Levels of Consciousness

Level 1. Deep Sleep – a stage of consciousness where as you can respond to stimuli.
- a primitive response but you can respond to sound, touch, or light.

Level 2. Dreaming – you are still asleep, but in this level of consciousness, we begin to experience the activity of the images and feelings of the dream.

Level 3. Waking State – The one I hope you are all in. We awaken from sleep and look back to see that was only a dream all in my mind. ------- as we say ‘this is the real world’ when we are awake–but it is all temporal – Waking state is also creation a manifestation of our Thoughts.
The Buddha was asked, at the time of his dyeing.
 Where are you? 
 He answered, I am waking up.

Level 4. Near death experience-- usually reported as a life changing experience. Life never is seen the same again by a person who has had this experience. 
 Summat – to go beyond - I tell my personal experience. A synergy comes about, one can be aware of more than one view at the same time. 
 Reorients one to the field at hand.

Level 5. Cosmic Consciousness – To know I am in this world & not of it.
San Juan Capistrano, River bed, Radiant sunshine
Wits Inn in Radiant South Orange County, CA

Simultaneously operating in the material world and the spiritual world.
Having local & non-local experience of understanding.
Awareness is now that of the witness. 
 One can watch the dance while dancing.
 I embrace the condition of the witness.

Another Level #6. God Consciousness
In This level of awareness –
The witness sees in a flower the rain, the rainbow, the bee pollinating,
and the Omnipresence in all there is to see.

The Forgiveness Song
Pet Friendly Drug Rehab
Wits Inn Recovery

We can all sing this song to self sooth
So listen carefully and remember the words - a chant
“I forgive everyone, 
I forgive myself, 
I forgive all past experience, 
I am Free, I am Free –
---- Forgiving everyone 
– Forgiving Myself 
– I am free – I am free.

Louise Hay Affirmation,
In the midst of eternity where I am today, 
I know I am perfect whole and complete. 

Call Wits Inn now to talk to Loriann Witte

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Child and Family Traumatic Stress Intervention

Traumatic Stress in the Family
Child and Family Traumatic Stress Intervention 
If people are questioning your drinking or using and you are a parent,
Mother touches new born baby tenderly
We love our babies with the best intentions
But you know you are a good parent no matter what & your intoxication habits do not affect your loving efforts with your children, your opinion may be delusional. 
Adult Child of alcoholism or of a Behavioral Disordered Family
Growing up with chronic substance using parental figures is, of course, an experience riddled with at least covert abuse.
distorted childs face, Inappropriate comments from adults
Post Traumatic Stress in a teen

Trying to seem cool

Frightened Children act silly
Working hard to maintain their dignity
In the face of confusion
1. Neglect is abusive.
      Parents who are under the influence are emotionally unavailable, which is neglectful.
      Hangovers are all-consuming events, therefore, creating a secondary level of unavailability.
2. Mood swings and personality changes are dramatically altered by intoxication and coming down.
    Never knowing which face of Mommy or Daddy will meet me when I get home from school.
3. Driving under the influence is life-threatening;   These experiences create a pain body of fear.
    Children who experience or interpret an event as life threatening can develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
4. Being picked up late, being lied to, being embarrassed by parents drunken, disheveled appearance, or slurred words, lowers a child's self-esteem giving them a base feeling of shame and humiliation, which sets up a depressive brain chemistry pattern.
The family can be only casual drinkers or occasional users
Addicts kids hands going together like a puzzle
Children are putting pieces of a puzzle together
Trying to learn how to be
and still be active in dysfunctions that set up the same sort of thought disorder in their children.
With behaviors, that are called process addiction.
Children who witness process addictions in their parents can also develop altered brain chemistry.
Work addicts
The Chronically malcontent
Eating disorders
Marital discord or problem between the parents and grandparents
Dating parents with serial mates
Internet addiction
Grudges and Resentments
In the state of child development, when a young person is trying to figure out if the world is a safe place.  When they notice that their parent is too fearful, weak, or angry to face life on life's terms,
They believe life is not a safe place, and this starts a pattern of depression.
Could it be that this is what sows the seeds of addiction and dysfunction in children who are born with a blank slate of unlimited potential?
If you are a drinker or user reading this, Is this what happened to you?
Wits End Interventions, sun rise over Catalina Island, California

If you are a parent of an addict or alcoholic, maybe you can spot these things as a part of how your loved one got into this sad state.
Have you been lovely parents and don't relate?  Then know this. These are often the issues recovering people speak of in rehab in their effort to get sober.
Others do not relate.
If you are searching for help, how it got bad or where the addiction came from is not the most
Tell us your story, Killer Dana, Surffer looking out to sea
Intervention is a rescue
an important factor to consider at this point.

The important thing is to get help now before your loved one gets any sicker or hurts more people.
If you think you are a good parent, Good,
Then your intention is to be a good parent.
Now, realize what that means on the deepest level.
person, looks at the 12 steps, reach the open door to freedom and blue skys
Trust the process of Recovery
Steps to change your thinking
To improve your experience
Dig deep, are you breaking promises you made to your yourself?
Recovery can help you find your way to living up to your intentions.
Stand in line with your beliefs.
Introduce more integrity into your family life.
Call Loriann to discuss your rehab options, inpatient, outpatient, sober coaching, medical detox.
Call right now in all confidentiality, and with no obligation, just to talk and gather info.
Reaching out is the appropriate, respectful thing to do.  949-292-2000
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To help your loved one get ready and willing to go to treatment 
Click Here to learn about Dignity and respect Interventions by Witts End.
We help facilitate, willing self-admits - by presenting the reality of treatment
as a common, and acceptable way of dealing with stress.
The fear of being judged and the anxiety associated with an unknown experience
keeps many people stuck, and afraid to get some help.
Intervention smooths the transition with lots of information and someone to walk you through.
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Addiction Treatment Reviews and Information

Yoga pose women, sunset, Pacific Ocean, Wits Inn
Holistic Addiction Recovery

Wits Inn Recovery is a DBA of Loriann Witte CAC, RAW, NADAI
has been in practice for over 20 years treating
Drug and Alcohol addiction recovery clients
Plus Dual Diagnosis in the Beach Cities area of Orange County, CA

Wits Inn Addiction Rehab and Intervention Referrals

Wits Inn has
Sober Living
Intensive Outpatient
Sober Coaching
Alternative Sentencing Probation Approved
Addiction Recovery Programs

brian, parts of the brain effected by drug use, brain chemistry, management of brian chemistry
Brain Chemistry changes
with the use of
Drugs and Alcohol
Coast to coast referrals in USA
Active in the treatment of Drug Alcohol and Food addiction
Weight Loss, Anti-aging, and Fitness programs
Comfortable Medical Detox  
Professionally facilitated family interventions
Sober coaching in your home or ours 949-292-2000

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Sober living by the sea

Sober Living by the Sea
Beach Cities Addiction Recovery Rehabs, Sober Coaching, 
and Interventions Referrals

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Robert Frost writes:

I have been one acquainted with the night.
succulents, Palm trees, quiet Pacific Ocean scape, ripples of small waves
I have walked out in rain -- and back in rain.
I have outwalked the furthest city light.

I have looked down the saddest city lane.
I have passed by the watchman on his beat
And dropped my eyes, unwilling to explain.

I have stood still and stopped the sound of feet
When far away an interrupted cry
Came over houses from another street,

But not to call me back or say good-bye;
And further still at an unearthly height,
A luminary clock against the sky

Proclaimed the time was neither wrong nor right.
I have been one acquainted with the night.
If you are ready to be done with your "dark night of the soul"
I'd like to help you 

green grass by the sea, beautiful little white dog, Loriann Witte, Lulu Witte
Pet friendy Drug Rehab
Placements made to recovery homes, 
detox, or treatment centers, 
we have sober coaches who can even work with you at your home.  

Call to let me know what you want and need to get sober & I'll help you find a nice place that you can afford and be accepted into.  
949-413-4109 is my cell for calls or texts. 

Some places are even Pet friendly 
So you can bring you best companion to rehab with you.  

My dod is Hugo - You go where I go.

Sober living for women orange county

Recovery from Addiction is a spirit filled Journey 
Sober Living for women Orange County 
Wits Inn 949-292-2000
Beach Cities Rehab, Sober Coaching, & Intervention Referrals 

Call or text Loriann Witte, Pat Witte, and TerriLynn Bell  949-413-4109 

1st step in recovery is to be stabilized physically - see a Doctor
Check out the body
Stained Glass mosaic, Grand ol Opre, Nashville, TN
Wits Inn Sober Living Orange County
Do you need medical detox?

Food, Hydration, & Rest, in Quiet and comfort get some massage
Then begin meetings and therapy with beach time and sun shine

As the healing begins it becomes time for an “Emerging Spirit Celebration”

The Serenity Prayer 
God grant me the Serenity 
To accept the things I can not change
The courage to Change the things I can 
And the Wisdom to know the difference

Time to awaken from the Trance of Scarcity 
We learn to, Embrace our creative power,
so it’s change your mind to change your life, change your mind by changing your story

Hal Le Lu Ya ----- Detoxed, Clean, & Sober
Living as a Sober Women in Recovery 
Women can birth babies and in recovery we can learn how to nurture ourselves 
We can encourage and heal ourselves

three 12 step books, chinese chest, Orange County Recovering Commuity
There were these two babies’ in the nursery side by side, Sara & Jane - they telepathically communicated introductions then Sara said “Here we go”
Jane said Look out world, "I’m coming. I going to make a difference, everyone will know my name."

Sara said I’m so excited. She started grunting em,em,em,,, I going to learn to meditate & sing.

________________ Time Passes ----------------

There were two old ladies in the nursing home in Orange County CA in a semi private room, both gals knew they were dying.

They spoke to each other a little on and off during 3 days of short conversations between naps, tears, coughing spells & some medical attention from the nurses.
Their talks revealed they were the same age. As they shared with each other they came to know they had the same birthday, even the same year.
On the final day, in some of the final moments Jane said in a soft whisper, I wish I was back in Pittsburgh.  Sara said, Pittsburgh?
With the last of their strength they rolled their heads and met each other’s gaze. Jane it’s you.

Sara said well did you have fun?
With her last breath, Jane said “Is that what I was supposed to do?’

“Life is so magnificent as you.”
light and airy room, wicker furniture, Green Plants, fung shway room
“Life is so magnificent as me.”
“Life is so magnificent as WE.”

Learn to lighten up and have some fun with your life
think kind thoughts about your self, and people you meet, your family, strangers.
Resentments will kill you emotionally, socially, spiritually, and ultimately physically
We can even loose our freedom over angry or disappointed thoughts and deeds
It all starts with a thought.
Change your thinking to Change your Experience

This is the real stuff we teach each other when we meet in groups or one on one.
The contentment that can be reached by practicing being kind
Can make it possible to live your life joy filled with out the need for anesthesia

You can Call us now, we answer about 20 hours a day. 949-292-2000
Your health insurance may have coverage, or we have high cost and lower cost referrals.

I can be your case manager, get you a sober coach to transport you to the doctor and therapy appointments I can set up for your personal treatment plan, and you can live in my sober house
South Orange County..... very private, we only work with a max of 6 guests at a time.

We also have rehab referrals coast to coast.  Tell us what you need, want, and can afford.
This can be done, and it is good.  It's fun.  Your fear is just of the unknown.
You see all of the famous people going to treatment, they go because it is a good thing to do.
If they have trouble, they even go back again.
Lots of people go to get help, it is set up to be an uplifting experience for you.

Sun setting on Catalina, yellow sun, purple island, blue ocean
Loriann Witte 949-292-2000