Child and Family Traumatic Stress Intervention

Traumatic Stress in the Family
Child and Family Traumatic Stress Intervention 
If people are questioning your drinking or using and you are a parent,
Mother touches new born baby tenderly
We love our babies with the best intentions
But you know you are a good parent no matter what & your intoxication habits do not affect your loving efforts with your children, your opinion may be delusional. 
Adult Child of alcoholism or of a Behavioral Disordered Family
Growing up with chronic substance using parental figures is, of course, an experience riddled with at least covert abuse.
distorted childs face, Inappropriate comments from adults
Post Traumatic Stress in a teen

Trying to seem cool

Frightened Children act silly
Working hard to maintain their dignity
In the face of confusion
1. Neglect is abusive.
      Parents who are under the influence are emotionally unavailable, which is neglectful.
      Hangovers are all-consuming events, therefore, creating a secondary level of unavailability.
2. Mood swings and personality changes are dramatically altered by intoxication and coming down.
    Never knowing which face of Mommy or Daddy will meet me when I get home from school.
3. Driving under the influence is life-threatening;   These experiences create a pain body of fear.
    Children who experience or interpret an event as life threatening can develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
4. Being picked up late, being lied to, being embarrassed by parents drunken, disheveled appearance, or slurred words, lowers a child's self-esteem giving them a base feeling of shame and humiliation, which sets up a depressive brain chemistry pattern.
The family can be only casual drinkers or occasional users
Addicts kids hands going together like a puzzle
Children are putting pieces of a puzzle together
Trying to learn how to be
and still be active in dysfunctions that set up the same sort of thought disorder in their children.
With behaviors, that are called process addiction.
Children who witness process addictions in their parents can also develop altered brain chemistry.
Work addicts
The Chronically malcontent
Eating disorders
Marital discord or problem between the parents and grandparents
Dating parents with serial mates
Internet addiction
Grudges and Resentments
In the state of child development, when a young person is trying to figure out if the world is a safe place.  When they notice that their parent is too fearful, weak, or angry to face life on life's terms,
They believe life is not a safe place, and this starts a pattern of depression.
Could it be that this is what sows the seeds of addiction and dysfunction in children who are born with a blank slate of unlimited potential?
If you are a drinker or user reading this, Is this what happened to you?
Wits End Interventions, sun rise over Catalina Island, California

If you are a parent of an addict or alcoholic, maybe you can spot these things as a part of how your loved one got into this sad state.
Have you been lovely parents and don't relate?  Then know this. These are often the issues recovering people speak of in rehab in their effort to get sober.
Others do not relate.
If you are searching for help, how it got bad or where the addiction came from is not the most
Tell us your story, Killer Dana, Surffer looking out to sea
Intervention is a rescue
an important factor to consider at this point.

The important thing is to get help now before your loved one gets any sicker or hurts more people.
If you think you are a good parent, Good,
Then your intention is to be a good parent.
Now, realize what that means on the deepest level.
person, looks at the 12 steps, reach the open door to freedom and blue skys
Trust the process of Recovery
Steps to change your thinking
To improve your experience
Dig deep, are you breaking promises you made to your yourself?
Recovery can help you find your way to living up to your intentions.
Stand in line with your beliefs.
Introduce more integrity into your family life.
Call Loriann to discuss your rehab options, inpatient, outpatient, sober coaching, medical detox.
Call right now in all confidentiality, and with no obligation, just to talk and gather info.
Reaching out is the appropriate, respectful thing to do.  949-292-2000
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To help your loved one get ready and willing to go to treatment 
Click Here to learn about Dignity and respect Interventions by Witts End.
We help facilitate, willing self-admits - by presenting the reality of treatment
as a common, and acceptable way of dealing with stress.
The fear of being judged and the anxiety associated with an unknown experience
keeps many people stuck, and afraid to get some help.
Intervention smooths the transition with lots of information and someone to walk you through.
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