Dual Diagnosis Housing Orange County California

Dual Diagnosis Housing Orange County California 
Wits Inn Addiction Recovery
Medical Detox, Treatment Therapy Education, Intervention & Transports 
Outpatient with Sober Living
Residential Treatment
Can help with court issues
Interventions for people who are afraid
to get the help they need,
Wits Inn Recovery, Sun Setting over Catalina Island, CA
Alcohol and drug abuse
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Contentment in the Simple 
Beauty of Life 
Chronic Relapse
PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Adult Children of Alcoholic's issues
Abandonment, Grief, & Shame
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
Brain changes from Meth use Can Be repair with Recovery

Impulsive Behavior

Bipolar disorder
Obsessive Compulsive
Examine before and after treatment brain SPECT studies of all these diseases available
Solutions include - Structured Living - Help for the family -
Sober Coaching for rides and appointment management - Medication compliance monitoring
Talk Therapy - 12- step group support - Church groups - Exercise
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Don't wait for them to
Hit Bottom

There is NO Bottom
Only Jail, Institutions, Death, or Recovery

Statements - for our Residents and the Families
Know your good - Claim It
1. Money comes to me easily / my affairs are in order / I am in & live through the Divine flow of lavish abundance.
2. Radiant health is mine; I claim wellness, flexibility, endurance, easy breath, healthy vibrant, comfortable body, perfect flow & movement elimination, mental clarity, peace, and inspiration of connection with
Divine intelligence.
3. I am surrounded by, supported by, & an active part of Divine Relationships, Love is mine receiving & giving kindness, involvement, a reflection of Divine grace.
4. My houses, properties, vehicles, any and all obligation & goods all paid in full. My peaceful acceptance of more than enough is eternal. My consciousness is ever lifting in the knowledge & skill of accepting my good.
 It's all God and all good. 24/7/365 plus 366 on leap year.
All of the time.
5. God is, I am, we are as one with the one. My complete grasp of the Devine knowing that I am the point of all creation in the here & now.
       The Truth pressed down, multiplied, and spilling over. 
6. The Devine laws of the universe are so easy and natural. I can fully comprehend, remember, and use these powers of creation moment by moment.
   I. Create Health
  II. Abundance
 III. Love.
7. I forgive before resentment takes shape, I am forgiven as I forgive, ever more in the love flow. Forgive my trespasses as I forgive my trespassers.
8. May my words get kinder every day.
9. I travel as a citizen of the world, awakened, experiencing beauty, art, culture.
 I am safe by all modes of travel; by ground, by air, and by sea; in the day and the night.
10. I give and receive love effectively especially with my family.
11. My focus and clarity are impeccable.
1. Goal of treatment
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Beach Cities Rehab and Intervention Referrals

1. Goal of treatment

2. What I want to change within 90 days
3. Who do I want to be when I have my one year of sobriety
4. Make a 5-year goal
1. Practice forgiveness the minute discord appears - before it turns into a resentment
2. Forgive yourself
3. Release the past as we notice past things that still hurt
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Wits Inn Recovery
Sing this Song
I forgive everyone,
I forgive myself,
I forgive all past experience
I am free,
I am free.

Let my steps,
Let my steps,  Reveal a path of peace

I accept and embrace my whole life
as the truth of the beloved me.
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