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What do you have to learn about your life to stay sober?
The study of mind, body, and spirit is called Holistic's. 
    You may feel you know this and you have heard it all before.
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Something Different
      Often client's and their parents call for help saying "I have been to treatment before and have learned this information in the past."
Go for something Different.
Wits Inn can give you a lighter schedule - of some more thoughtful subjects.
Remember it is more about the healing effect of the process, than it is about the information.
Being exposed to positive input about how you and your feelings work in this world brings about mindfulness and a deeper level of thinking.
Go deeper, and find your higher self
Without needing to get high on substances to feel OK.
Six Levels of Consciousness

Level 1. Deep Sleep – a stage of consciousness where as you can respond to stimuli.
- a primitive response but you can respond to sound, touch, or light.

Level 2. Dreaming – you are still asleep, but in this level of consciousness, we begin to experience the activity of the images and feelings of the dream.

Level 3. Waking State – The one I hope you are all in. We awaken from sleep and look back to see that was only a dream all in my mind. ------- as we say ‘this is the real world’ when we are awake–but it is all temporal – Waking state is also creation a manifestation of our Thoughts.
The Buddha was asked, at the time of his dyeing.
 Where are you? 
 He answered, I am waking up.

Level 4. Near death experience-- usually reported as a life changing experience. Life never is seen the same again by a person who has had this experience. 
 Summat – to go beyond - I tell my personal experience. A synergy comes about, one can be aware of more than one view at the same time. 
 Reorients one to the field at hand.

Level 5. Cosmic Consciousness – To know I am in this world & not of it.
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Simultaneously operating in the material world and the spiritual world.
Having local & non-local experience of understanding.
Awareness is now that of the witness. 
 One can watch the dance while dancing.
 I embrace the condition of the witness.

Another Level #6. God Consciousness
In This level of awareness –
The witness sees in a flower the rain, the rainbow, the bee pollinating,
and the Omnipresence in all there is to see.

The Forgiveness Song
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We can all sing this song to self sooth
So listen carefully and remember the words - a chant
“I forgive everyone, 
I forgive myself, 
I forgive all past experience, 
I am Free, I am Free –
---- Forgiving everyone 
– Forgiving Myself 
– I am free – I am free.

Louise Hay Affirmation,
In the midst of eternity where I am today, 
I know I am perfect whole and complete. 

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