Sober living for women orange county

Recovery from Addiction is a spirit filled Journey 
Sober Living for women Orange County 
Wits Inn 949-292-2000
Beach Cities Rehab, Sober Coaching, & Intervention Referrals 

Call or text Loriann Witte, Pat Witte, and TerriLynn Bell  949-413-4109 

1st step in recovery is to be stabilized physically - see a Doctor
Check out the body
Stained Glass mosaic, Grand ol Opre, Nashville, TN
Wits Inn Sober Living Orange County
Do you need medical detox?

Food, Hydration, & Rest, in Quiet and comfort get some massage
Then begin meetings and therapy with beach time and sun shine

As the healing begins it becomes time for an “Emerging Spirit Celebration”

The Serenity Prayer 
God grant me the Serenity 
To accept the things I can not change
The courage to Change the things I can 
And the Wisdom to know the difference

Time to awaken from the Trance of Scarcity 
We learn to, Embrace our creative power,
so it’s change your mind to change your life, change your mind by changing your story

Hal Le Lu Ya ----- Detoxed, Clean, & Sober
Living as a Sober Women in Recovery 
Women can birth babies and in recovery we can learn how to nurture ourselves 
We can encourage and heal ourselves

three 12 step books, chinese chest, Orange County Recovering Commuity
There were these two babies’ in the nursery side by side, Sara & Jane - they telepathically communicated introductions then Sara said “Here we go”
Jane said Look out world, "I’m coming. I going to make a difference, everyone will know my name."

Sara said I’m so excited. She started grunting em,em,em,,, I going to learn to meditate & sing.

________________ Time Passes ----------------

There were two old ladies in the nursing home in Orange County CA in a semi private room, both gals knew they were dying.

They spoke to each other a little on and off during 3 days of short conversations between naps, tears, coughing spells & some medical attention from the nurses.
Their talks revealed they were the same age. As they shared with each other they came to know they had the same birthday, even the same year.
On the final day, in some of the final moments Jane said in a soft whisper, I wish I was back in Pittsburgh.  Sara said, Pittsburgh?
With the last of their strength they rolled their heads and met each other’s gaze. Jane it’s you.

Sara said well did you have fun?
With her last breath, Jane said “Is that what I was supposed to do?’

“Life is so magnificent as you.”
light and airy room, wicker furniture, Green Plants, fung shway room
“Life is so magnificent as me.”
“Life is so magnificent as WE.”

Learn to lighten up and have some fun with your life
think kind thoughts about your self, and people you meet, your family, strangers.
Resentments will kill you emotionally, socially, spiritually, and ultimately physically
We can even loose our freedom over angry or disappointed thoughts and deeds
It all starts with a thought.
Change your thinking to Change your Experience

This is the real stuff we teach each other when we meet in groups or one on one.
The contentment that can be reached by practicing being kind
Can make it possible to live your life joy filled with out the need for anesthesia

You can Call us now, we answer about 20 hours a day. 949-292-2000
Your health insurance may have coverage, or we have high cost and lower cost referrals.

I can be your case manager, get you a sober coach to transport you to the doctor and therapy appointments I can set up for your personal treatment plan, and you can live in my sober house
South Orange County..... very private, we only work with a max of 6 guests at a time.

We also have rehab referrals coast to coast.  Tell us what you need, want, and can afford.
This can be done, and it is good.  It's fun.  Your fear is just of the unknown.
You see all of the famous people going to treatment, they go because it is a good thing to do.
If they have trouble, they even go back again.
Lots of people go to get help, it is set up to be an uplifting experience for you.

Sun setting on Catalina, yellow sun, purple island, blue ocean
Loriann Witte 949-292-2000

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