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Are you clean on suboxone
or DRT Drug Replacement Therapy?

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Total absences is my personal choice and what I have been given the grace to maintain 
12 step programs in-conjunction with my spiritual path for 25 years of clean time

I am a recovering addict. My drugs of choice were - heroin, methadone, pills = opiates
Painless Opiate Detox Witts End Recovery
Witts End Recovery 949-292-2000
But I did cocaine with the opiates
And had long period of pot, acid, then got into a 6 year run of IV meth
All ways using alcohol
Sometimes my opiate addiction would relieve my alcoholism for small periods

I am able to identify with other hard drug addicts 

My heart goes out to you guys going through hell trying to treat opiate withdrawals with more opiates and whatever at home by yourselves. It does not have to be that way. 
The one guy said he doesn't like any ranting about being clean. 
I am clean now after 16 years of spending so much pain trying to detox myself with methadone, goofball pills different doc's gave me, leaving town without taking dope with the plan of drinking myself straight. I got clean when I got a medical detox + meetings. 
This usually starts for most of us by getting into rehab. 
Loriann Witte Comfortable Opiate Detox
I want to help you get off of DRT 
You can be clean 

I know at one time I was much more functional and able to work when I was on Methadone. I once believed that as long as I was off of heroin or meth that I was doing fine. But, I always continued to drink or smoke pot daily and even use cocaine on the weekends. The methadone maintenance cut down on my criminal activities because I did not need as much money to support my drugs and had time to hold a regular job.

Methadone maintenance and methadone detox used to keep me in a state of only a minimal amount of crime-ing. And at the time, that was as much as I hoped for my self. Replacement drugs are a come up for people who have given up on themselves, accepting that they are hopeless dope fiends, and have no contact with grace or faith. We are each a whole, well, and perfect living being with infinite possibilities. There is hope & there is help. If you have no money and no one to help you... 

AA meeting rooms
AA & NA will change your life
Replacement Drug Therapy
 is a place to start
You can have even better
Go to NA high, I did. Go everyday and your life will fall together. You will get lead to detox.

If you have family or someone who can help you with some thousands, then it is easy.

Call me, or call somebody who does detox and rehab referrals. Get your loved one to call them so they can make a deal to get you in for medical detox. 949-292-2000

Opiate replacements like methadone or suboxone still keep you high, unclear, in attention deficit, Lethargic & in bondage to the drug.

I needed a change of my thought system and a spiritual awakening. I was not even close to being clear enough to be able to use my brain’s higher functions while I was intoxicated on these replacement drugs.

Thank God I am clean today. The 12 step programs are maybe not for everybody. Any stabilization a junkie can manage makes the world a safer place for themselves and others. When I was on methadone that was all I was ready to do for myself at that time and it cut down my menacing activities by about 60 or 70%.

So suboxone is a favorable solution for society as a whole and for the addict. If this is all that want for yourself or your loved ones, it is better than daily crimes for street drugs.  But know there is a better life available to all of us.

Suboxone is a miracle drug for opiate detox in a controlled live in setting. On the streets it is another drug of abuse. As a recovering heroin addict. A big part of my years of addiction was methadone, 3 years maintenance (which I kicked in jail) plus continuous 40 day methadone detoxes, As long as I used that stuff I was using. Doc are all up in it now as businesses. It is up to each person if you want to be clean you have got to quit usings all drugs. I take psych meds and hormones, that stuff is medicine. Methadone, Suboxone, xanex, pot.. that stuff is drugs. As addicts we surely know the difference.

1.  If you are an addict or the loved one of an addict making the decision to go on suboxone verses getting detox and treatment to get clean; be sure you understand suboxone is settling for controlled active addiction. There are only 2 choices for an addict.

Active addiction: Where we are a considered a derelict, and a person living with untreated or declaring ourselves as untreatable with a progressive, eventually fatal mental, and physical illness.


2. Recovery: A renewal of body, mind, and spirit where we take our place among the living pursuing our right to happiness.

Please understand that if suboxone or methadone is all you can handle right now, then it is something a little better. Suboxone is also giving up, saying you have no sight of yourself as a person among persons.

I say go to treatment. If you get on suboxone, get off as soon as you can (which is easier planned than done) Treatment centers give you suboxone for maybe 10 days or a little longer, that’s all you need for detox, really I know, I kicked many times in my 16 years of using. Kicking is terrifying, but from one addict to another I can promise you it is not that bad at all in a treatment center with all of the new medication cocktail mixtures the well informed Doctors are using. It is much easier now than it used to be. If you can get a suboxone cocktail while you stay at a detox, treatment center, residential whatever type of place where you live in for detox and as long of term treatment as you can get. Suboxone from a doctor as an outpatient is just another drug of abuse most every time, even when you mean to use it to get clean.

Addicts do recover. It can be done and it is wonderful. Never give up on yourself, even in the face of the people giving up on us. You were born a perfect child of God and have a right to all of the best you can get for yourself, just like every other person on the planet. This is your life, your time to be alive, and you are not bound by the past. Recovery is about establishing a relationship with the here and now. I love you. I and plenty of people like me are waiting for you, wanting help you in the rooms of AA & NA.

Call Alcoholics Anonymous, or Narcotics Anonymous, ask the operator for AA central office or NA central office in the big city near you, ask where the meetings are in your area. Call your parents for money for treatment, call the county Dept. of Drugs and Alcohol or your county Dept. of Mental Health, or look up, they have referrals for free detoxes.

Get yourself safe, get tough, any idiot on the street can use and live the life of a looser.

Reach deep inside, say a little prayer 
(whether you believe it will work or not).

You can have any life you want, you are the one who chooses, only you!

Demand the good life that is yours to have.

Loriann Witte 


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