Evil woman steals ball from little girl

Was this lady drunk? 

My hope is that this video flying around the internet enlightens this lady or her loved ones that it is time for a change. Devine Pre-Intervention at the ball game. 

Recovery sneaks up on us sometime. 

It took me a year of repeated pitiful and incomprehensible demoralizations before my world totally blew up. 

After 16 years of drinking, some drug use, thoughtless living, my behaviors started to show up brightly for everyone to see, in rapid succession.  

Sometimes we find ourselves in the spotlight or is it (the eye of God)
Take a look within.  If you can remember.

If your loved one is a slightly embarrassing fool sometimes, you may need to remember for them.

Call an interventionist.  Just to talk. 
Maybe get the rehab referral people to check out the insurance benefits.
Rehab is making many people a lot healthier, and happier anymore. 

Congratulations Lady.  This embarrassment could be marking a new beginning for you. 

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