Shavasana Yoga Relaxation Addiction detox Orange County

Shavasana the heart of Yoga, meant to be about 1/4 of our practice time - Brings the practice to the point of transcendence, stays with me in memory for my next opportunity to pose. Yoga is the soul of holistic healing. Wits Inn Addiction Recovery and Beach Cities Treatment Referrals use a combination of holistic and Western Medications for detox for a comfortable transition to a state of sustained peace of mind that is needed for mental health and recovery. 949-292-2000 WI Recovery dot com  

Beach Cities Rehab Referrals Wits Inn Holistic Detox  

Be a guest of Sober Living with Treatment Planning services
or - 
Live in your own home or a nearby hotel with Outpatient care coordinated

Medicine assisted detox, counseling, and a full range of holistic services
Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Massage, and Reiki, Yoga, Gym, Vitamin Therapy
Therapeutic Horseback riding 

Pet Friendly can include dog training and getting your dog certified as an emotional support dog (if qualified)  

Some help with job search and close to community college and several universities.

Call Loriann Witte 949-292-2000 or text 949-413-4109  

We accept major private Insurance. Cash, wire transfer, or
Cashiers checks only as payment no credit and not for indigent or public assisted clients
Starting at appox $2500 per week or $10,000. per month

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