Troubled by your daughter, son, husband or wife drinking or drug use? Family Questionnaire Take the test

Family Questionnaire: Are you troubled by someone's drinking or drug use?

Is your life being affected also.

Millions of people are affected by the drinking or drug use with someone close to them.

The following twenty questions are designed to help you decide whether or not you need professional help to intervene and stop the obsessive behavior and end the cycle of addiction that is hurting them & you.

1. Do you worry about how much someone else drinks or uses drugs?

2. Do you have money problems because someone else is drinking, using?

3. Do you tell lies to cover up for someone else drinking or using?

4. Do you feel that if he loved you, he would stop, to please you?

5. Do you blame the bad behavior on the companions?

6. Are plans frequently upset, or cancelled, or meals delayed?

7. Do you make threats, such as. “If you don’t stop. I will leave you”
or make you move out?

8. Do you secretly try to smell the drinker’s breath or check the drug users eyes?

9. Are you afraid to upset someone for fear it will set off a binge?

10. Have you been hurt or embarrassed by a drinker or user’s behavior?

11. Are holidays and gatherings spoiled because of drinking or drugs use?

12. Have you considered calling the police for help in fear of abuse?

13. Do you search for hidden alcohol, drugs, or clues of bad behavior?

14. Do you often ride in a car with a driver who has been drinking or using?

15. Have you refused social invitations out of fear of anxiety?

16. Do you sometimes feel like a failure when you think of the lengths you have gone to control the drinker or drug user?

17. Do you think that, if they were sober, your other problems would be solved?

18. Do you ever threaten to hurt yourself to scar the drug user or drinker?

19. Do you feel angry, confused, or depressed most of the time?

20. Do you feel there is no one who understands your problems?

What’s your score?

Did you answer YES three or more times?

If so, YOU are personally, probable in trouble with co-dependency issues.

Living with Addiction & Alcoholism is a dangerous, depressing situation.

Codependency is a very painful out of control existence too.
Denial of the severity of the problem is very common.
Yes the addict or alcoholic in your life, is making YOU sick and less than YOUR best self.

(Al-anon is a powerful tool or the family program associated with Narcotics Anonymous

Addiction is a disease of the body, mind, and spirit.

Recovery brings hope.
For The Reluctant To Recover
or text 949-413-4109

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