Indigent Alcohol or Drug Services Orange County California

Watch this video of Loriann Witte speaking about "We do Recover"
Interventions cost $3500 plus expenses. We are available to travel anywhere immediately.
Intervention generally only works with private pay or private insurance paid treatment centers.

Intervention services are for the reluctant to recover. 949-292-2000

Check out these indigent programs. 

If there is anyway your family can pay about $10 thousand dollars for a treatment program Admission and Medical Detox can be done immediately.  

Private pay may call 949-292-2000

or text 949-413-4109

 There are waiting lists for free programs - none of them take dogs.
Hundreds of thousands of alcoholics have recovered with the help of indigent substance abuse treatment centers.

Roque Center - Stanton, CA

> Copper Fellowship in Santa Ana cost $1800 monthly but may scholarship - or reduced rates - the people get to work their and save money.
>   - Anaheim and San Diego - are funded for Alcoholism one must have drank with in 24 hours - 6 month Christian programs for free and the people get to work in the thrift store.
> The Villa - Santa Ana Womens program
> Teen Challenge -
> Yellowstone in Costa Mesa - Clients sleep there but must leave at 8AM on job search and not return till after 4 or 5 in the evening.
All of these beds are in high demand - The client themselves have to call to find out the admission requirements, Generally the alcoholic has to call back everyday at an allotted time until a bed becomes available

The person seeking help must be able to present 'in their daily call' an unquestioning willingness to do whatever the treatment program wants them to do.

Missing your call time can result in losing one's place in line for the next available bed.

Most of these indigent facilities are funded for alcoholism only.

If at all possible, an offer to pay a sliding scale or some fee may help with a faster admission.

Waiting lists can be from 6 to 12 weeks.Admission is not guaranteed.

I am Saying a prayer the addict who still suffers. 
Praying for the highest good of your troubled love one, for you, and your family.
Recovery is possible.

If at all possible seek out family help for paid rehab services -

> Loriann Witte