Addiction Treatment of Mind, Body, and Soul

Addiction Treatment of Mind, Body, and Soul    

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       The use of drugs, alcohol, relationships, gambling, spending, work addiction, and all of the rest of the ways we try to fix and satisfy the longings of this life are attempts of our small earthly mind to contend with the call of the universal mind toward our continuous evolution.  We can call it our little earth mind vs. our God mind.  

       The answers lie in the spiritual realms; we feel them moment by moment. Or one day at a time.  In the treatment of addiction the Mind, Body, and Soul issues must all be addressed.  Spiritual evolution requires a quantum leap in intelligence, "mindful living requires a use of the God mind."   
       A polluted sickly body led by an altered brain in the midst of chemistry swings and the confusion that creates does not enable the fertile environment for spiritual growth by learning ever deepening skills available to us. 
       The little mind maybe able to navigate the consumption pleasures of this world.  All of which are only an illusion.  Lasting meaning bliss is beyond the temporal into the infinite.  
        I wish everybody had money, property, and prestige so that would all know for sure that this is not the solution. 

       Today I read that Buddhism says "as you bath your body, imagine each part as you wash it crumbling into dust. Know that it is all temporary. At night before sleep visualize throwing all of your possessions on a bonfire one by one. Watch them turn into ash and smoke. The soul remains intact and untouched. Release attachments are the cessation of suffering.

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Holistic Addiction Treatment Program
Addicts do Recover Health and Well-being  

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