We do not struggle, We let God do What we could not do for ourselves

"God is doing for us what we could not do for ourselves"

In sobriety we need not struggle 
Peaceful kitty with her legs crossed
Be still and know that I am God 

Religion says the existence of God can be proved; the agnostic says it can't be proved; and the atheist claims proof of the nonexistence of God.

“ Jesus: the life only Heaven could give;
the Gift only a heart can receive.
I give them eternal life,
and they shall never perish ”

The War is over, if you want it.  Relax and take it easy.
Lean into the pain
Walk up to that wall of fear
Touch it
Walk through it
Let it wash over you
Notice you don't die

But the Addiction has already killed you off
given you sickness in the body and the mind
on the way to a physical death

Renewal is yours in recovery
Return to love and care
The program is a tool to light your way

Addiction Treatment is the next step
We can help you find a rehab that has what you want and need

Palms 107:27 
Wits Inn Recovery logo
Wits End Interventions 
Wits End They reeled and staggered like drunken men; they were at their wits' end "They grope in darkness with no light. 

If addiction is the dark night of the soul for you or your loved one, please know that there is a place you to go and someone to turn to who can bring you up out of the pit and set your feet on solid ground again. 

In this place and in this person, you can find hope and peace and a calm assurance That no matter what comes your way, you are not alone.
Love is all around you. 

There is a power for peace, let you find it now. 

Wits End Interventions can be the messenger. 
For the reluctant to recover.

Professional Interventionist can come to the addict 
Organize the family
Get the addict ready and willing to come to treatment

We transport them and get them introduced and comfortable
Interventions go much better than you might think

call Loriann Witte CAC, RAS, NCDAI
or text 949-413-4109 

Loriann Witte
Loriann Witte CAC, RAS, NCDAI
Text 949-413-4109

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Call Wits Inn Rehab referral 949-292-2000

WI recovery also has drug & alcohol Rehabs, Detox, and Intervention services 

Treatment Finders 949-292-2000

Did you relapse again? Orange County

Did you relapse again? 

Are you so sick of getting out your 12 step tool box, so you can rebuild? 

Has the promises of the program lost it's shinny glow of attraction? 

12 Step Tool Box
Make it convenient & easy

1. Get into to a medical detox or psych unit ASAP
2. Realize this level of hopelessness is often from the drugs & brain chemistry
3. While relaxing in the hospital, read about changing your diet
4. Start moving your body, walking, stretching, read restorative yoga
5. Meditate, beginning to know that the answers are inside of you, 2 minutes
6. Being around meetings & recovering people just heals your brain
7. It's about finding you own intelligence & personality in the calm
8. Drinking, drugs, drama keeps you all stirred up, you loose your calm
9. Treatment & the program gets you back to yourself, it's not about them
10. You can have peace and comfort, you can have so much good

This depressed state will pass, and pass quickly with a change to where you can be taken care of until you feel better.

Depression sucks bad, and the pressure is making the brain chemistry change even more.  You are the one to take care of yourself.

Make it your mission to get yourself safe.
You are worth so much.

In the beginning..... There were a whole bunch of sperm,
And they had a race
And you won.

Get on with your Divine Miracle of a self.

Mother's hands, Father's hands, the hand of an infant
Everything you have been and will be
Is counting on your action in this moment 

I have list of drug and alcohol help options in the US. Especially in California I know of places, rehab, detox, sober living, out patient that can work with your cash budget or private insurance plan. 

Call 949-292-2000

 Indigents are best served by Salvation Army www.salvationarmyusa.org  

Heroin use the far end of the addiction spectrum in America

Heroin users ?junkies? are at the far end of the spectrum in drug addiction. This can be compared to all opiate dependencies, such as oxycontin, lortab, vicodin, hydrocodone, Norco, morphine, methadone, etc.
      Sometimes heroin users are seen as worse off than prescription addicts only because there is no prescription available for heroin; there by it cannot be obtained legally or paid for by insurance.  Methadone was the replacement drug of choice used for heroin addicts Now the more likely choice is suboxone. DRT Drug Replacement Therapy is the "we'll get you high legally" with a more stable drug. Putting a bandaid on a serious mental illness while they are deep in the process of living an antisocial lifestyle can reduce the urgency of the crimes they must commit to maintain an expensive drug habit. The person retains their anger, deep emotional pain, and their confusion continues to deepen because they are still under the influence of a heavy sedative. Emotional, Intellectual, or Spiritual growth does not occur while a person is sedated. Some level of crime is most often involved in heroin use.  The most popular crime at least in the beginning of the cycle is stealing or extorting funds from one's family, place of employment, landlords; those close at hand.  As tolerance increases and motivation decrease these crimes spread out in ever widening circles.  Robbing the immediate family extends out to the neighbors, once fired from work, the user needs to start working their x co-workers & any remaining friends or loved ones.  As the tolerance levels continue to increase, the urgent need for increased financial resources stretches beyond any values the victim of addiction once held as true.  Craving seriously takes over all other needs, as 1 by 1 more & more behavioral limits are tramped down and re-set in shifting sands. The ends are always the same jails, institutions, death or recovery.
      The disease of addiction becomes a formidable entity all in itself.  Society holds the addict responsible for their sociopathic behavior, that?s why the prisons are full of mentally ill addicts. Somewhere in our heart of hearts we hear a stirring saying the ?all addicts are bad? thing just may not be true.  Addiction means using against your own will.
     We do recover.  I am a heroin addict with 22 years clean & sober.  I am a productive member of society. Of all of the roads I traveled in my 16 years of addiction now of those paths lead in the direction of the life I live now.
       We are beyond the help of our families; the therapeutic value of one addict helping another is without parallel. That is what the NA basic text says.  949-292-2000

California Drug Treatment Program very private

Looking for Drug or Alcohol Treatment in a
very private setting
Wits Inn of San Juan Capistrano, California
accepts only two guests at a time.
Private rooms.

\Orange County sober living Wits Inn Recovery

Sober Living Houses starting 
at $10,000. per month 

 Drug and Alcohol addiction recovery professionals agree that people who discharge from inpatient rehab centers will greatly benefit by going into some type of sober living or transitional housing. 
     Sober Living, Recovery Home, or Outpatient enrollment is crucial in helping to further strengthen one’s new foundation in sobriety.       
     From the very start of the treatment process, the patient begins to be introduced into  a wholly different mindset and way of life that is filled with principles and daily actions that completely defy how they’ve been living their lives for years and years.               

Orange County sober living network
Beach Cities Addiction Rehab Referrals

      Attending a 30, 60 or 90 day treatment center is a good start on what needs to be done to change a life time of choices and habits.  
     Primary treatment alone cannot possibly do more than sober one up, and begin to lay some of a game plan of how to go about changing your reactions and interactions, and even changing the way you think.
     The deep emotional & physical patterns set by years of damaging 
      By transitioning from residential treatment into a casually structured sober living home a person greatly raises their chances of staying sober.
      Attaining long-term, quality sobriety is not just a given like a certificate of completion when you graduate from a rehab.     
Orange County Sober Living California
Beach Cities Sober Referrals 
The longer one stays in a structured living situation the  better, the more separation from old playgrounds, play mates,  and old play things the better chances they have of living their way into quality sobriety.

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Say what you want from Sober Living, Rehab & sobriety?

Have you been helped by a sober experience?

Click here to Tell us your story 


Easy to stop drinking, harder to stay sober long term

  1. Is your real goal in getting into rehab to learn about staying sober?   
  2. Are you just trying to fix the immediate circumstances?
  3. Is it to get the family to help you because you really have no good place to go?
  4. Are you trying to beat a court case or do a rehab bit to stay out of jail?
  5. Do you just want to get your wife or your family off of your back?

Fit for Recovery San Juan Capistrano, CA Northwest Open Space

                 We have to be Fit for Recovery 

tricycle, dog, San Juan Capistrano North West Open Space
Exercise and the Beautiful Outdoor gave me Holistic Healing
Of Body, Mind, and Spirit.

  Fitness is a Major aspect of my Addiction Rehabilitation 

   Since I got sober I got into diet and exercise to help my body and mind heal from all of the abuse I had gone through in active addiction.
   Addiction was hard on my body with irregular sleep, fasting and over eating a low nutrition diet consisting of pizza, fast food, and occasionally better healthy or things.  

San Juan Capistrano North West Open Space
Southern California Beauty has a calming nature
San Juan Capistrano's a semi-arid climate
10 minutes from the Pacific Ocean city of Dana Point 

I rode my bike with my dog in the basket for hours out in a park we have

called Northwest open space. It was a beautiful sunny day. 

Sunshine glinting on the water. There was a trickling waterfall back in the

wooded desert of our area out along the horse trails.

I saw a road runner and some crows. Seeing wildlife and the beauty in nature 

rockets my spirit into another dimension and puts in more in touch 

with my higher self.


The residents of San Juan Capistrano are passionate supporters of open space. It is a vital element that makes this city one of the most beautiful and unique in Orange County. To prove their commitment, voters approved two ballot measures in 2008 that not only protect open space, but also allows the city to use bonds to purchase local open space that would have been sold for development. This property is then held for public use. 

When you call our treatment referral line 

our counselors gives you an overview of the 

various positive rehabs that will fit your needs 

after you have described to us 

what you are going through. 

949-292-2000       Click here to have us contact you

Wits Inn Recovery and Wits Inn Treatment Referral are made up of educated and seasoned addiction recovery professionals.  We are counselors, psychiatrist, sociologist, social workers, and MD's certified in addictionology who as a group believe that the best rehab centers teach the power of positive thinking.

The 12-step model is a combination of identifying the truth of your issues and what needs to change followed by a cognitive one day at a time plan of action.

We embrace the best drug and alcohol rehab centers as the ones who encourage people to find their own individual answers by structuring their days in treatment on a receiving and carrying a positive message.  Live your way in right action.  Change your thinking to change your life.

We work with you to narrow the list down to a few treatment programs and then discuss particulars, help you navigate insurance and arrange travel.

Call now 949-292-2000
or Text 949-413-4109

Hitting bottom is a dangerous myth.

Help yourself or your loved one before it is too late.

tricycle Mirror, White Dog, Northwest Open Space San Juan Capistrano
Look in the mirror, Do you need a new start?
A little help, to understand your drug or alcohol use?
Wits Inn Treatment referrals 949-292-2000