Diet and exercise so important in California Drug and alcohol rehab

co-exist with all people, all religions, respect the animals, value life
Respect is an important
principle of Recovery 

Diet and exercise 

so important 

Addiction recovery 

Must include healthy 

diet and exercise 

California Drug Rehab 


or text 949-413-4109

If you believe Modern Medicine is the answer 
Depending on prescriptions and Doctor's 
is really not enough

Getting clean & sober 

is all about taking personal responsibility 

for your mental, physical, and spiritual Well Being 

Here is an example -

Swedish Breakfast Vegetarian Times, Stockholm seriously good eats    
Vegetarians Rock 
Organic Cucumber - sliced diagonally 
Olive Oil - not too much 
Balsamic Vinegar - even less 
Lemon Pepper - from Farm to Market without chemicals 
/ I keep it frozen
Hard Aged Parmesan - chipped 
with toast cut in quarters - Ezekiel sprouted whole grain / I freeze bread too.
A little brush of cold olive oil infused with fresh red onion & garlic overnight
My friend told me about Swedish breakfast
I kept thinking about it and it tweaked it to what I know I like.
the original ingredients
Cucumber - Cheese - Hardtack / Fish (smoked)

Methamphetamine damages the brain
Drug induced brain damage can be repaired
 with diet,
therapy, staying clean,
living in a peaceful environment
Call Wits Inn Drug and Alcohol 
Very Private recovery settings 
call 949-292-2000

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