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Looking for Drug or Alcohol Treatment in a
very private setting
Wits Inn of San Juan Capistrano, California
accepts only two guests at a time.
Private rooms.

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Sober Living Houses starting 
at $10,000. per month 

 Drug and Alcohol addiction recovery professionals agree that people who discharge from inpatient rehab centers will greatly benefit by going into some type of sober living or transitional housing. 
     Sober Living, Recovery Home, or Outpatient enrollment is crucial in helping to further strengthen one’s new foundation in sobriety.       
     From the very start of the treatment process, the patient begins to be introduced into  a wholly different mindset and way of life that is filled with principles and daily actions that completely defy how they’ve been living their lives for years and years.               

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      Attending a 30, 60 or 90 day treatment center is a good start on what needs to be done to change a life time of choices and habits.  
     Primary treatment alone cannot possibly do more than sober one up, and begin to lay some of a game plan of how to go about changing your reactions and interactions, and even changing the way you think.
     The deep emotional & physical patterns set by years of damaging 
      By transitioning from residential treatment into a casually structured sober living home a person greatly raises their chances of staying sober.
      Attaining long-term, quality sobriety is not just a given like a certificate of completion when you graduate from a rehab.     
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The longer one stays in a structured living situation the  better, the more separation from old playgrounds, play mates,  and old play things the better chances they have of living their way into quality sobriety.

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