Did you relapse again? Orange County

Did you relapse again? 

Are you so sick of getting out your 12 step tool box, so you can rebuild? 

Has the promises of the program lost it's shinny glow of attraction? 

12 Step Tool Box
Make it convenient & easy

1. Get into to a medical detox or psych unit ASAP
2. Realize this level of hopelessness is often from the drugs & brain chemistry
3. While relaxing in the hospital, read about changing your diet
4. Start moving your body, walking, stretching, read restorative yoga
5. Meditate, beginning to know that the answers are inside of you, 2 minutes
6. Being around meetings & recovering people just heals your brain
7. It's about finding you own intelligence & personality in the calm
8. Drinking, drugs, drama keeps you all stirred up, you loose your calm
9. Treatment & the program gets you back to yourself, it's not about them
10. You can have peace and comfort, you can have so much good

This depressed state will pass, and pass quickly with a change to where you can be taken care of until you feel better.

Depression sucks bad, and the pressure is making the brain chemistry change even more.  You are the one to take care of yourself.

Make it your mission to get yourself safe.
You are worth so much.

In the beginning..... There were a whole bunch of sperm,
And they had a race
And you won.

Get on with your Divine Miracle of a self.

Mother's hands, Father's hands, the hand of an infant
Everything you have been and will be
Is counting on your action in this moment 

I have list of drug and alcohol help options in the US. Especially in California I know of places, rehab, detox, sober living, out patient that can work with your cash budget or private insurance plan. 

Call 949-292-2000

 Indigents are best served by Salvation Army www.salvationarmyusa.org