Fit for Recovery San Juan Capistrano, CA Northwest Open Space

                 We have to be Fit for Recovery 

tricycle, dog, San Juan Capistrano North West Open Space
Exercise and the Beautiful Outdoor gave me Holistic Healing
Of Body, Mind, and Spirit.

  Fitness is a Major aspect of my Addiction Rehabilitation 

   Since I got sober I got into diet and exercise to help my body and mind heal from all of the abuse I had gone through in active addiction.
   Addiction was hard on my body with irregular sleep, fasting and over eating a low nutrition diet consisting of pizza, fast food, and occasionally better healthy or things.  

San Juan Capistrano North West Open Space
Southern California Beauty has a calming nature
San Juan Capistrano's a semi-arid climate
10 minutes from the Pacific Ocean city of Dana Point 

I rode my bike with my dog in the basket for hours out in a park we have

called Northwest open space. It was a beautiful sunny day. 

Sunshine glinting on the water. There was a trickling waterfall back in the

wooded desert of our area out along the horse trails.

I saw a road runner and some crows. Seeing wildlife and the beauty in nature 

rockets my spirit into another dimension and puts in more in touch 

with my higher self.

The residents of San Juan Capistrano are passionate supporters of open space. It is a vital element that makes this city one of the most beautiful and unique in Orange County. To prove their commitment, voters approved two ballot measures in 2008 that not only protect open space, but also allows the city to use bonds to purchase local open space that would have been sold for development. This property is then held for public use. 

When you call our treatment referral line 

our counselors gives you an overview of the 

various positive rehabs that will fit your needs 

after you have described to us 

what you are going through. 

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Wits Inn Recovery and Wits Inn Treatment Referral are made up of educated and seasoned addiction recovery professionals.  We are counselors, psychiatrist, sociologist, social workers, and MD's certified in addictionology who as a group believe that the best rehab centers teach the power of positive thinking.

The 12-step model is a combination of identifying the truth of your issues and what needs to change followed by a cognitive one day at a time plan of action.

We embrace the best drug and alcohol rehab centers as the ones who encourage people to find their own individual answers by structuring their days in treatment on a receiving and carrying a positive message.  Live your way in right action.  Change your thinking to change your life.

We work with you to narrow the list down to a few treatment programs and then discuss particulars, help you navigate insurance and arrange travel.

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Hitting bottom is a dangerous myth.

Help yourself or your loved one before it is too late.

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Look in the mirror, Do you need a new start?
A little help, to understand your drug or alcohol use?
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