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Lucid Dreaming
Can be used for Spiritual healing 
of Body and Mind
Change your mind to change your life co-create your experience

Addiction Healing
 from the Inside Out
Orange County 

Some spiritual practices that sound so mystical and mysterious can be broken down into understandable terms and used to heal ourselves in different interesting ways.

Newly recovering addicts report that they experience terrible using and drinking dreams.  

Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD) created by living in the war zone of addiction combined with physical and emotional detox can be the causes of these debilitating dreams.  The using dream is an indicator that can help an addict to break through denial by showing them the extreme extent of their damaged psyche.  One must look at these disturbing nightmares as a gift and a powerful healing tool.   

Suffering does not cure addiction. Addict's need pampering to calm down the pain enough to be able to establish some trust.  Active addiction and PTSD closes a person's heart and mind.  Long term use of intoxicants actually affects brain chemistry and brain function.  The frontal lobes in the brain where our conscious sorts out what we value goes dark and turns off.
The midbrain lights up, the animal survival part of the brain takes over. 

Spouses, kid's, parent's say to addict's "if you loved me, you'd stop."
The personality you think you are talking to is no longer in charge.

The man takes a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes the man. Intervention, admissions to detox and rehab will break this cycle. 

As with people in prison, the substance use can be stopped while the defensive / offensive thinking can continue in a hostile environment continues.            
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People admit to Addiction Rehab while they are acting out their lowest and worse behaviors. The family can be justifiably annoyed, and expect it is only right for the impaired person to feel remorse and pay the price for the hurts their active addiction has caused for others. 

They do pay the price. People in early recovery go through, and have been going through relentless emotional turmoil. The program has to reach a person on a very deep level. Simple practices, like learning positive affirmations. Use these phrases before going to sleep to set an intention for the direction of your dreams. This practice can move mountains of chronic mal-content. 

Lucid Dreaming is really a sweet and simple concept. Getting quiet, playing meditation style music, repeating affirmations while going to sleep.

Some lovely visualizations of a scene that would heal wounds. If you'd love to have an estranged family member hug you in peace; set your intention to fly in your sleep to where they are. This practice while lieing down to go to sleep can help guide your dreams. 

Detox Dreams are horrible enough to strongly motivate newly recovering people to seek out solutions. This process opens up interest in learning about the many simple yet powerful methods that really change a persons life for the better.   

With better sleep, and hope in possibilities we can move on to learn new coping skills. The 12 steps, taking personal responsibility for our thinking.   

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