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The summer of my Oh so content California Carl Jung

Carl Jung living the examined life
The summer of my Oh so content living sober in my beloved Orange County California

The word psychology literally means “study of the soul”. Psychology is a continuous and direct engagement with the anatomy of emotion itself and has helped countless people deepen not only their understanding of themselves, but of their place in the larger picture of things.

    What does it mean to get 'Addiction Treatment?'
First of all it means getting 'dried out' - physically stabilized, letting the body and brain return to a higher functioning state of being. 
     While physically detox can run it's course in a matter of days, weeks, or months, depending on the substance being used. The brain chemistry takes much longer to repair.  

      Parents who are casual drinkers may think, "oh a little cocaine, it's really nothing. Well the cocaine, the casual drinking, pot, pills, ect... it is something. Mind altering substances, alter brain chemistry, that is what produces the intoxication. 

Study the truth of what happens in the brain with the use of intoxicants.

Right Now is the best time of my life. Decades clean & sober. Awake.
Living a life of affirmations, and positive experience. I still live with the wreckage of the past. That 16 years of drug use, followed by the 15+ years of trying to cope after the damage was done to my life and the lives of those my addiction affected; has lasting effects.

This is the summer of my "Oh so Content" living in my beloved
Orange, County, Southern California
This is my constant companion
for the Past 16 years

The peace of mind that long term recovery has given me has been so good.  It may have been what I always wanted when I was globetrotting to run away and stay high.  Now, finally I have real freedom. It's ok for me to just be.  

     I have been hearing about it, I knew it was coming, and now that it is here, I am letting it happen. I'm in love. In love with my Sat Chit. 

     It is spring and I am in love. 
     Today I thought about the birthplace of shame.
I grew up under the umbrella of love, care, & intention for good from my lovely red headed Mum.
     She could sing, cook, plant, sew, & spell. So impressive! She loved my Dad, me, and my sister.      Enjoyed living in the country where one could let their kids & the dogs run free. Laughs, songs, & Daddy's whistling mixed with the bark of a dog, maybe a mow, slam of a screen door, & an occasional report of a gun in our Appalachian Road paradise.  
        I loved May poles'. I had only seen them on birthday cakes, but had exquisite visions of girls and boys in bloomers and bows wrapping thick muti-colored satin ribbions around the may pole. A the rainbow of ribbions attached at the top of a 7ft pool with fancy dressed Victorian style children danced a 'ring around the rosie type thing' around and round.
       Between love and laugh's occasionally there was a heard a discouraging word.  
        I remember a tease. It is a vague picture of a memory, but I remember it as a birthplace of shame. It seems to have happened here and there, and I stayed alert during these times in effort to catch the nuances of the lesson being offered. 
        Some one would enter the home with presents or a cake, sometimes even with a may pole visible. I would become flattered and say ohhh, for me? And be told "why would you think it's for you?" Do not assume, until an offer is presented. Do not think you are the center of the universe and all gifts and fancies are for you. 
         Original shame took root for a 1st time. I felt embaraced and clumsy, where I had be a light airy fairly princess just one moment ago. 
         In my early recovery, I would touch on such memories stirring self pity of child abuse and the ignorance of my parents, society of the 50's, and some immoral hole in the fabric of the curl society I was born into. All of which stirred some kind of hope in my strenght to rise above all that had wounded me so badly in unraveled life. Looking to be able to love myself & forgive myself even just a little by casting the stark light of guilty mistakes onto others who may have broken me from the beginning, there by (I never had a chance) and I was some what resolved. 
       A lass, teasing even teasing lightly like that to a child to give them a lesson in humility, and how to become demure and unassuming may be a line of communication that could be improved. An important lesson in spiritual grow to get the gist of this (lightening up) way to share with each other. Knowing deep inside, it is most important to be kind & happiness is the ultimate goal. 
       Not child abuse either. Not ill willed. Ignorance only in the sense of one state of evolution being naturally less informed than that of the next stage as the increase in knowledge is what progressive states are all about.     
      We have a beloved guest staying with us for recovery. I like her and I'm excited to have her here so I try to endear myself to her by being cute and friendly. Tonight I began to use an old way of communication as an impulse way of bonding. I took a moment of teasing. We spoke of the dinner we would each take part in preparing, saying to save room. "I'm making chix (some protein vege) in the broiler with coconut oil spectrum. And a yellow pepper, onion, garlic, pineapple sauce poured over for moisture. Terrilynn will sauteed brussel sprouts and sweet pea pods. The edamame soy beans are already in the steamer. (we have become vegans in the effort to hold liver damage in check) Our guest (a live in recovery client) said "I'll make some barley so we can try a different grain." In a flippant response, I said, "How do you know you are invited for dinner?"
       Ahh the perfect opportunity for a quick 6th step 'pullup' for me. Caricature defect. 
The 6th step of the 12 steps. 
6. Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character. 

      Teasing is a defect of character, for me. 
It seldom comes up as I know it no longer serves me.  
       These are the poignant moments of learning and growing. Taking the opportunity to live an examined life. Taking a second to illuminate the progress. 
         Notice we are doing well and that it is happening. Spiritual growth, peace of mind. 

One enduring statement that C.G. Jung made late in life about not having to be a .... unconscious, to quote Socrates; 'the unexamined life is not worth living'.

Carl Jung and the Kundalini

He saw his scientific role as a phenomenologist always open to the ambivalent and many aspected ambiguous intrusions of the unconscious into the ego field of conscious existence. He saw the ego loosely attached to a vast impersonal realm of the Self, which, in his later works he presented as the only objective and fundamental reality human beings could connect with. From this perspective the multi-layered, and to the conscious being, bewildering, complexity of the soul's functions was as fleeting as the Buddhist Maya. The west sees this Maya as the reality, and focusing our civilisation on the mastery of externals has produced its own catastrophic psychic dysfunctioning as the values of internal reality have been neglected. One enduring statement that C.G. Jung made late in life about not having to be a Jungian reveals much of his attitude towards the psyche.

Jung saw the Indian speak not of Personal/Impersonal, Subjective/Objective; but of a personal consciousness and Kundalini. The two were never identified: the Gods were utterly different from humans. It was necessary to live through, and establish, a presence of stable consciousness within the world before it was possible for the detachment to gradually emerge which would permit that other, objective reality to connect with the conscious. Jung's journeys to Africa and India enabled him to confirm his experiences of the unconscious as he saw the visible proof of its functioning in the pre European modes of his own era. His description of how, in the myths of the Pueblo, where the emergence of conscious from a dark and very dim beginning proceeds through a series of caves one above the other to a full awakening on the surface of the earth in the light of the sun and moon, parallels the system of chakras outlined in Kundalini Yoga, as the development of the impersonal life.

Jung was aware of the existent texts on this subject, from Arthur Avalon's translations from Sanskrit to the Chinese 'Secret of the Golden Flower' a Taoist manual translated by Richard Wilhelm, a key figure in Jungian life whose deep knowledge of Chinese esotericism enabled him to formulate a number of basic concepts of psychology, among them the theory of synchronicity -(a concatenation of events linked by a single meaning). Jung's interpretation of the process of Kundalini did not, however, stem from theories. It was the consistent attention he paid to the indications of its movement within the psychic life of his patients that gave the conforming clues to the emergence of the impersonal life of the collective unconscious. He was keenly aware of the dangers of the ego becoming inflated by the stirrings of unconscious contents to the extent of total psychic imbalance. Temporary identifications could make the ego lunatic for a time; prolonged identification could produced schizophrenia. The structure of Indian systems on the other hand drew clear distinctions between the transitory and permanent self which could only be realised in a state of detachment. The gods, in European or modern man so efficiently focussed on outer existence, Jung described as being reduced to mere functions 'neuroses of the stomach, or the colour or the bladder, simply disturbances of the underworld.' The Gods being asleep stir in the bowels of the earth, as the idea of God in conscious life is remote, abstract and to one level of modern theology, effectively dead.

In the ideas of pre-European civilisations is reflected their identification with the various levels of the chakras. However, it was in the careful unravelling of the psychic life of his patients in their journey towards the impersonal self which he described as the process of individuation, that the Kundalini manifested. This gave his statements of the chakras a verification based on real experience. He concluded that the main level of activity of most people was in the lower three centres beginning with the Muladhara (literally, root support), where existence was established, through Swadistana (the manifest creativity in the personality) and to Manipur and Void, centre of emotionality, the Red Sea of the Old Testament whose crossing to the Heart (Anahata) required the discipline of the Guru both individually and collectively. At the heart the first intimations of the Self reach consciousness. The Purusha, whose tiny flame of eternal being establishes the domain of objective reality. If, as Jung suggests, enough people could connect with this level the mass psychoses of out modern era would vanish altogether.

Jung saw each chakra as a whole world in itself. At the level of Muladhara for instance is the earth, our conscious world, but also where instinct and desire is largely unconscious -a state of participation mystique. Reason can do little: storms of emotion or externally, war or revolutions can sweep all away. The bizarre elaboration of weapons in the modern world is nothing more than an attempt to contain or destroy the threat of impulses from the lower centres. Worse, much of it is an expression of them.

Jung found the stages of individuation of his patients elaborated through dream and symbol corresponding with those of old mystery cults. In baptism he saw a reflection of the dangerous journey of analysis itself - baptism being a symbolic drowning to inaugurate a new life.

Jung realised that arousing the activity of Swadistana, the Kundalini itself had to be aroused, but he also realised that such happenings were spontaneous, and not produced through the dangerous practices of Tantrism where the exalted idea of shakti, the pure Kundalini, is degraded into the literalism of a sexual cult. Jung never practised any form of organised meditation but saw the attention itself gathered into deeper levels of being by the motion of the unconscious self through Kundalini awakening. Further, the motion of anima leading into the depths of the unconscious, he recognised as an imaginal figure projected by Kundalini and identified with it.

In the various symbols surrounding the chakras Jung identified with his own system. The Muladhara with its image of the elephant (Hindu Ganesha) has a fourfold structure of psychic functions (the chakra has four petals) and corresponds with the world of consciousness. The heart with its symbolism of the dear projects images of lightness of being, swiftness and elevation. Beyond; Vissuddi, Agnya and Sahasrahra - he said little except that as fully developed centres they were so above ordinary consciousness that not even thought could offer any illumination. Essentially he came to the view that, from the standpoint of the gods, the great archetypal figures, the world is less than child's play, a seed, a mere potentiality for the future. People, and they consist of the vast majority, who pass through life unawakened and unaware, victims of outer circumstances and inner compulsions, have not lived at all and pass back into the universal unconscious, to quote Socrates; 'the unexamined life is not worth living'. To Jung the awakening of Kundalini out of mere potentiality is to 'start a world which is totally different from our world: it is infinity'.

Author: John Henshaw    

Doctor Feel Good of Los Angeles

Doctor Feel Good
Los Angeles, California

suboxone in the hands of addicts
Suboxone Buprenorphine NALOXONE
Suboxone the miracle opiate detox medication is just another 
drug of abuse in the hands of addicts

Suboxone takes the pain and suffering out of opiate withdrawal 
but does nothing to ease the powerful call of the psychological addiction 

Question: Do doctors prescribe too many “drugs” for too many patients?

Psychiatrists, in particular, are popular targets of politically motivated language that seeks to conflate the words “medication” and “drug”—thereby tapping into the public’s understandable fears concerning “drug abuse” and its need to carry out a “War on Drugs.” Misleading radio ads promise “drug-free” treatment of panic disorder (certainly possible, but not always achievable) and the Internet bristles with the phrase, “psychiatric drugging.” (My Google search pulled up 9310 results.) And, all too predictably, any physician who argues that psychotropic medication is often an effective and life saving intervention is hustled off to the perp line of “drug-company shills.”
Scientific America, Medical journals
How many prescribing physicians are truly
concerned with the nature of addicts & addictions 
All this will not surprise students of language, history, and philosophy. Those who control language are well positioned to control thought and behavior. If government officials can persuade the public that killing innocent civilians is merely “collateral damage,” they have gone a long way toward justifying the carpet-bombing of a village. If the forces of antipsychiatry—and they are alive and well—can persuade the public that psychiatry is “drugging” people, they have gone a long way toward marginalizing and discrediting the profession. To understand how powerful the words “drug” and “drugging” are, imagine the feckless campaign that would be waged if the perennial protesters in front of the American Psychiatric Association’s Annual Meeting carried signs that read, “Psychiatrists: Stop Medicating Your Patients!
Is this all merely a matter of “semantics” or—in the parlance of postmodernism—“competing narratives”? Is there any scientific reason to distinguish “drugs” from “medications”? And finally, what are our ethical obligations as healers when medication is administered, either voluntarily or involuntarily?
There is, of course, a qualified scientific case to be made against overuse of some psychotropic medications. In the first place, we have far too many medications that employ the same old mechanism of action, with only modest efficacy, and too many unacceptable adverse effects. The so-called atypical antipsychotics (AAPs) are good examples. With the exception of clozapine—and possibly risperidone and olanzapine, according to a meta-analysis—the AAPs are not substantially more effective than the first-generation neuroleptics.1 Meta-analyses, of course, must be viewed cautiously, since the studies that compose them may be flawed or biased, and unpublished “negative” studies may be excluded, as my colleague S. Nassir Ghaemi, MD, has pointed out.2 Thankfully, decreased rates of tardive dyskinesia with the AAPs are a bright spot in this otherwise dour assessment, and this is no trivial gain.
Nonetheless, the metabolic adverse effects of the AAPs (weight gain, lipid and glucose dysregulation, and so on) are substantial problems and call into question the goal of expanding the labeled “nonpsychotic” indications for these medications.3 We sorely need to escape from the “D2–5-HT2–me too” paradigm—antipsychotics that block mainly dopamine-2 and various serotonin receptors—and uncover more fundamental mechanisms of antipsychotic action. Critics of psychiatry are indeed justifiably skeptical regarding “Big Pharma’s” concerted efforts to expand the use of AAPs to the treatment of nonpsychotic conditions, for which effective and better-tolerated medications are already available. And yes—many of these same critics are quite properly alarmed at the decreasing use of psychotherapy in psychiatric practice.

Loriann Witte CAC, RAS, CNDAI of Wits Inn writes a treatment plan for alternative sentencing, a liaison appears in court with you, places you in a private treatment setting instead of doing jail time. Working with your cash budget and sometimes private insurance.
For a most comfortable adult setting accepting a max of 1 or 2 guest into our private home, 
Wits Inn very private setting. 
Case Management and sober coaching. 

Addiction Recovery Program with PhD, MD, and MD psychiatrist level clinicians.
Monthly price is $15k. Best to pay weekly until client is settled into the environment.  First week includes psychiatrist and medicine assisted detox by MD. First week fee is $4500. Then $3750. for following weeks. Open ended stay. Family pays medication, some food, & clients personal expenses. 

Also available, Interventions for the reluctant to recover. 
$3500 to $7500 + expenses for 3 days, + additional fees for additional days.
Travel out of the US, will be priced according to distance and situation.  
949-413-4109 text or call 
Google my name Loriann Witte 
You can dial into my free recording 712-432-1085 enter PIN code 832057# to hear about brain chemistry changes & how to recovery. 
How many prescribing physicians are truly
concerned with the nature of addicts & addictions?
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Addiction Treatment of Mind, Body, and Soul

Addiction Treatment of Mind, Body, and Soul    

Purple cauliflower,fresh green, organic eating, live food for health
The Art and Beauty of fresh live food

       The use of drugs, alcohol, relationships, gambling, spending, work addiction, and all of the rest of the ways we try to fix and satisfy the longings of this life are attempts of our small earthly mind to contend with the call of the universal mind toward our continuous evolution.  We can call it our little earth mind vs. our God mind.  

       The answers lie in the spiritual realms; we feel them moment by moment. Or one day at a time.  In the treatment of addiction the Mind, Body, and Soul issues must all be addressed.  Spiritual evolution requires a quantum leap in intelligence, "mindful living requires a use of the God mind."   
       A polluted sickly body led by an altered brain in the midst of chemistry swings and the confusion that creates does not enable the fertile environment for spiritual growth by learning ever deepening skills available to us. 
       The little mind maybe able to navigate the consumption pleasures of this world.  All of which are only an illusion.  Lasting meaning bliss is beyond the temporal into the infinite.  
        I wish everybody had money, property, and prestige so that would all know for sure that this is not the solution. 

       Today I read that Buddhism says "as you bath your body, imagine each part as you wash it crumbling into dust. Know that it is all temporary. At night before sleep visualize throwing all of your possessions on a bonfire one by one. Watch them turn into ash and smoke. The soul remains intact and untouched. Release attachments are the cessation of suffering.

chakra alignment meditation cures addicts
Holistic Addiction Treatment Program
Addicts do Recover Health and Well-being  

If you want to use, that is your own
Earthly business.
If you'd like to stop, maybe we can help.

           Your spiritual Higher Self may be interested in a change
contact us 

Troubled by your daughter, son, husband or wife drinking or drug use? Family Questionnaire Take the test

Family Questionnaire: Are you troubled by someone's drinking or drug use?

Is your life being affected also.

Millions of people are affected by the drinking or drug use with someone close to them.

The following twenty questions are designed to help you decide whether or not you need professional help to intervene and stop the obsessive behavior and end the cycle of addiction that is hurting them & you.

1. Do you worry about how much someone else drinks or uses drugs?

2. Do you have money problems because someone else is drinking, using?

3. Do you tell lies to cover up for someone else drinking or using?

4. Do you feel that if he loved you, he would stop, to please you?

5. Do you blame the bad behavior on the companions?

6. Are plans frequently upset, or cancelled, or meals delayed?

7. Do you make threats, such as. “If you don’t stop. I will leave you”
or make you move out?

8. Do you secretly try to smell the drinker’s breath or check the drug users eyes?

9. Are you afraid to upset someone for fear it will set off a binge?

10. Have you been hurt or embarrassed by a drinker or user’s behavior?

11. Are holidays and gatherings spoiled because of drinking or drugs use?

12. Have you considered calling the police for help in fear of abuse?

13. Do you search for hidden alcohol, drugs, or clues of bad behavior?

14. Do you often ride in a car with a driver who has been drinking or using?

15. Have you refused social invitations out of fear of anxiety?

16. Do you sometimes feel like a failure when you think of the lengths you have gone to control the drinker or drug user?

17. Do you think that, if they were sober, your other problems would be solved?

18. Do you ever threaten to hurt yourself to scar the drug user or drinker?

19. Do you feel angry, confused, or depressed most of the time?

20. Do you feel there is no one who understands your problems?

What’s your score?

Did you answer YES three or more times?

If so, YOU are personally, probable in trouble with co-dependency issues.

Living with Addiction & Alcoholism is a dangerous, depressing situation.

Codependency is a very painful out of control existence too.
Denial of the severity of the problem is very common.
Yes the addict or alcoholic in your life, is making YOU sick and less than YOUR best self.

(Al-anon is a powerful tool or the family program associated with Narcotics Anonymous

Addiction is a disease of the body, mind, and spirit.

Recovery brings hope.
For The Reluctant To Recover
or text 949-413-4109

Living Sober Organic Book by Wits End

Living Dark Green is what I seek in Sobriety
Living Sober Organic Book by Wits End

Maslow's hierarchy of needs pyramid diagram

Generativity Versus Stagnation

Getting Sober Living Skills 
Dark Green
    Ever since I was I child I have had a calling toward being the most natural, "do no harm" person I could be.
    I call that that feeling the need to live organic and green.
    I got caught up in the problems of the world as acted out in my family and our community.
    The cherry on top all of that was watching the news.
    This experience curved me into the world and out of my heart felt values.
     Then I started to create these tragedies in my own life in the form of depression, divorce, discontentment.  Judgement of my parents love for me and judgements about their love for each other.
     I deeply questioned their parenting methods and their marriage.
     I became morose and needed anesthetic.
     I also craved more, better, jam packed with excitement love and experience. Becoming insatiable I soot clothes and fashion; beauty items to make me more desirable.  This lust manifested as shoplifting.
     I understood alcoholism as one of my inalienable rights as an American.  Then pot was a rite of passage being a youthful person in my effort to know more about life than my parents, teachers, police, or any other members of the straight rule abiding society that was trying to control me.
     Then came addiction.  I still wanted to work out as soon as I shot heroin.
     And I tended strongly toward being vegetarian even as I pumped meth chemicals into my body.

      Now in sobriety and recovery I have been through various phases coming in from orbit. I went through over eating first, I loved going to restaurants and having friends to entertain.  We traveled to NA conventions, stayed in hotels, and spent money.  All of my towels, sheets, and rugs matched.  I took up reading Style magazine and Home & Garden.  Learning how to make it all look good on the outside. How to have the best.  My husband and I switched from drug and alcohol addiction to work addiction and on to super consumerism.  

      My husband and I got clean together, so I have had a partner in this journey. As we have heard
Organic vegetable face, Dark green living sober
Dark Green Organic Dreams
of Living Sober at the Wits End
many speakers in the program say, "come into recovery and it gets better, as you stay clean and work, you make money.  If you work and don't spend your money on drugs or alcohol, you end up with extra money.  Lifestyle goes way up and things get way better.  Then often life evens out and we are left to face some real decisions about "What do I believe in?" "How do I want my life time to effect the future, my Grandchildren and others?"
     A clean and sober program life in recovery actually allows you to become a self actualized person.  The top rung of Maslow's hierarchy of needs pyramid diagram is reaching

"Generativity Versus Stagnation"

     Which means "Caring about, through your actions, what happens to future generations.
    When wanting to live Sober, Serene in a natural earth friendly way, I call it living Dark Green.
    This living sober organic life kind of life can start for you at Wits End.  Wits End and Beach Cities Addiction Rehab and Intervention Referrals
will help you or your loved one to start a new life on a new path.
     Rehab and recovery is where your intentions can start coming in alignment with your behaviors.
If you are tired of breaking promises to yourself...... Call now 949-292-2000
Phones are lovingly answered about 20 hours a day.
Case management and sober coaching will stay with you through phase of your recovery until you get all well and don't need us anymore.  We will find the rehab you like and therapist you want to work with.  If you want to change from one program to another to feel more comfortable - we will help you do it in the most cost effective way possible. We work with programs and clinicians coast to coast on your private health insurance or your cash budget.  see

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Wits End Living Sober
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