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Loriann Witte


"I don't treat the sickness in a person. 

Recovery fans the flames of the spark of life.

That craves something better, something more." 

- Loriann Witte

Addiction is not the truth of a soul. 
There is hope and we'd like to help. 

Hello, my name is Loriann a certified Drug 

and Alcohol counselor 
and a Nationally certified drug and alcohol 

Loriann Witte, founder of the 
Wits Inn Recovery treatment centers 
of San Juan Capistrano, CA
and Wits End Interventions. 

Addiction recovery has become my life's work. 
I have been sober for over 25 years. 
I take it one day at a time, stay sober 
and work to practice the AA code of 
love and tolerance. 
I don't take any chances with my clean time, 
or my serenity.

"My Divine gift has been  getting to help remind addicts 
who they really are. 
Myself and the staff we choose to work with, 
stand sober and full of as much peace as we can muster in the presence 
of those who want our help. 
I live as a student of spiritual growth so my teachers stand right 
there with me.

"I get to see the higher self reawakening in my friends 
and take its rightful place in the driver’s seat. 
The power and unbridled joy that comes out of this love-fest, 
is over the moon and back again.

We do recover.

And it is glorious.

Loriann Witte, CAC, C.N.D.A.I, RAS

Loriann Witte is the owner operator 
of Wits Inn Recovery. 
She is the author of Life Lessons 
and contributing author to 
"The Glories of Sobriety."

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Bath Salts Stories, Southern California

Bath salts intervention-
October 26, 2010 at 1:14pm

Bath Salts Stories, from a Southern California Interventionist 

Crystallized MDVP Methylenedioxypyrovalerone bath salts
Bath Salts
sold as Synthetic Marijuana 

Synthetic Marijuana it has been called
K-2 had many names a couple of years ago sold in head shops.
I still find Bath Salts sales cases on the Internet.
People who were involved with the death and carnage caused by the use of this drug which was being sold over the counter in smoke stores.

These drugs contain synthetic chemicals that are similar to amphetamines. ... The effects can include agitation, paranoia, hallucinations, chest pain, increased pulse, high blood pressure, and psychotic behaviors. MDVP (Methylenedioxypyrovalerone) I think this is the ingredient that causes intoxication.
I'm not a chemist, I'm an interventionist. First-hand involvement with a Bath Salts user and his family.

These people seemed to me to have an above average education, a nice middle class life, they also where active in positive community programs.

But this is the sad story that unfolded before my eyes.
Bath Salts user's intervention.

Loyal wife calls Wits End Intervention for help with her husband who is becoming psychotic due to his use of Bath Salts.
She says, "my husband has to go to treatment and he has to go now." I asked if he wanted help. She reports that he had just disclosed his long term plan, in intricate detail, saying to his wife "I don't know what you are going to do' but I am going to use small controlled amounts of bath salts upon awakening and throughout the day while I am at work.  Then I will increase my dosage to whatever amount I need to be inspired in the evenings after work."

A part of his plan included continued daily use of Blueberry, a synthetic marijuana. He said he can happily live his creative life this way from now on and she needed to decide what her life plan is knowing this fact about him. This husband was very invested in the issue of Bath Salts & Blueberry being legally obtained from the local smoke shop in Los Angeles. His professional career required that he broke no laws.

I am Loriann Witte CAC,  I've been doing interventions for a couple of decades. I love the work. What an honor to be in the position to receive this dear girls call & actually have the power to do something to make a difference.

Loriann Witte, CAC, RAW, CNDAI
Loriann Witte
We made all of the financial arrangements picked out the rehab we planed to use, got them running the insurance, then swung into action. I sent her some recorded information I have on a "GoToMeeting" format that she and her intervention party could listen to getting prepared for our pre-intervention meeting.
You can hear this recording of the call by dialing into the conferencing service anytime 24/7. There is no charge to participate.
Phone Number: (712) 432-1085 
Access PIN Code: 832057 #

We talked about who would help us in this event. She then disclosed that she had moved out of her home because it was getting too dangerous for her to stay there with her husband. He was talking suicide, staying up all night, going on & on about a top secret government conspiracy that he had accidentally became involved with from receiving personal messages over his computer.

He was intent on telling her and everybody who would listen that he was beta testing Apple's new cloud. He claimed with intensity and increasing fear that as he became more involved with the beta testing instructions and use, his computer morphed into it's own private Internet connection that began to show him the twist & turns of this dastardly intricate plot between Obama, Google, Apple, & Wikipedia. This had become a dangerous terrifying reality for him.

The use of street drugs or the excessive use of alcohol is harmful to the physical and mental health of all people; however, the risks associated with drug use are even greater for people who have had prior experienced with psychosis.
Bath Salts like amphetamines & marijuana is known to be a Psychosis-inducing drug. Psychosis can be induced by drugs or can be "drug assisted". Some stimulating drugs can cause psychosis, while other drugs, including marijuana, can trigger the onset of psychosis in someone who is already at increased risk because they have "vulnerability". It turns out that our high functioning, Mensa level, educated husband in this case has had a background of drug abuse issues starting at age 14 using psychedelics and more with his father while he was growing up.

It is also believed that some drugs such as amphetamines, cocaine and now Bath Salts can cause a condition known as a drug-induced psychosis. This psychosis can hang on even after the drug use has stopped. It is often characterized by hallucinations, delusions, memory loss and confusion. This usually results from prolonged and heavy street-drug or prescription drug use. Drug induced psychosis usually responds well to treatment.

Loriann's own personal story is of the journey from living as an inner city junky who got into a the 12 step treatment program. Utilized the public help systems to become educated, and now continues to carry the message of hope in recovery. Loriann has worked with tens of thousands of addicts all over the world as an interventionist. This story can be found on the WI Recovery web site.
The moral of this intervention is... When we live an ego centered life, the theme song is, "I can do whatever I like" "The end justifies the means", "I am more creative when I'm high", "If it feels good do it", "I have this under control and need no help".

This line of thinking often brings a disconnected feeling. Once we have told everybody to " just leave me alone"' and we begin to separate from our emotional support group. Gaining distance from even the key players in your life, like wife, best friends, and family. When ones closest peer to peer confidants start to treat these strange intoxicated people like a child or a person in question of sanity, the depression comes.

Depression, feeling that everyone is against you, & the experience of loss of more and more respect from your relationships mixed with psychosis-inducing drugs creates paranoia. Being high, awake alone in hours different from your former peer group. Brain chemistry a mess. physical health declining. experiencing a social death while in paranoid depression is a dark place. One starts 'free ranging it' No longer bound by what we know about sanity. Cut off from the sun light of the spirit. Thank God for people who still love the addict on a soul to soul level enough to call for intervention.

The spark of life that run through us all is our spiritual connection. This soulful connection is much bigger & stronger than any behaviors or events. We each stand at choice every moment. We are at the point of all power to create what happens next with our beliefs and actions. In the here & now, what I know is true is that ADDICTS DO RECOVER. I write this as an addict with 26 years clean and sober. I have recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body. I am in contact with hundreds of thousands of clean addicts living in recovery around the globe.

As long as there is life there is a change for a good day. A new day that steps into faith and out of fear. If you have a sick and suffering loved one, take good care of yourself first. You never have to give up faith on them or on yourself. There is hope and there is help.

Loriann Witte CAC, RAS, CNDAI
No: RI-W1206071533

Text if you want our help for an intervention text 1-949-413-4109

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Stories about Bath Salts
We are listening, and the writing my help.
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"Drug relapse time to go back to rehab" prevention therapy Orange County


Beach Cities Addiction Rehab 

Offers help to addicts or alcoholics who have relapsed

Experiencing a Drug or Alcohol Relapse 

Get therapy with some time in rehab 
to get clean 
and prevent the relapse
from taking it all again

Orange County Beach Cities Drug Treatment 


Relapse begins with emotions
it's time to go back to
Therapy and Rehab
Relapse is shocking and painful for the relapser and for their loved ones 

Forgive yourself and go on 

Get into a recovery help situation that teaches relapse prevention

Re-focus your mind and your lifestyle to be about people who are not using and want to help you in your recovery

You are not the only one this has happened to.  
We do recover.  
There is hope and there is help.
Relapse Prevention skills 
must be mastered to stop the chronic relapse cycle

Beach Cities Addiction Rehab and Intervention Referrals will help you

Call 949-292-2000 or text 949-413-4109
contact us Info@WIrecovery.com 

Pay with insurance HMO or PPO 

We know a rehab within your cash price range

The Stages of Relapse

Relapse is a process, it's not an event. In order to understand relapse prevention you
have to understand the stages of relapse. Relapse starts weeks or even months before the
event of physical relapse in most cases. 
Orange County drug relapse intensive outpatient rehab
Emotional Relapse
In Relapse help therapies - you learn how to use specific relapse prevention
techniques for each stage of relapse. There are three identifiable stages of relapse.

  1. Emotional relapse
  2. Mental relapse
  3. Physical relapse
1. Emotional Relapse

In emotional relapse, you're not thinking about using. But your emotions and behaviors are beginning to set you up for a possible relapse in the future.

The signs of emotional relapse are:

relapse back into drinking
OMG it is back in my life
It is starting all over again
Relapse into Active Addiction
• Anxiety  
• Intolerance
• Anger
• Defensiveness
• Mood swings
• Isolation
• Not asking for help
• Not going to meetings
• Poor eating habits
• Poor sleep habits

The signs of emotional relapse can also be the symptoms of post-acute withdrawal which can go on for years after getting sober, some symptoms may never go away. 
We must learn stress management skills.

If you understand post-acute withdrawal it's easier to avoid relapse, 

because in the early stages before you pick up, the damage may still be avoided

In the later stages the pull of relapse gets stronger and
the sequence of events moves faster. This doesn't mean you have to use. 

Learn Early Relapse Prevention Techniques

Recognizing that you're in emotional relapse and have a strong need to get help to change your behavior. Recognize if you're isolating and remind yourself it is important to ask for help.

You have a human right to live a clean and sober life enjoying the best life has to offer.

Relapse prevention therapy teaches relaxation techniques that you can make a part of your daily practice to put more joy and ease into your days. Learn how to recognize how much sleep you need to be comfortable having the energy you need.

Learn about eating habits that make you strong and well. 
Allow yourself to practice self-care.  Therapy will teach you that you do have time for this.

Get exercise, go outside and walk around for 20 minutes or so a couple times a day

Emotional relapse can make you feel exhausted, and when you're exhausted you are more likely to crave
escape, which moves you into mental relapse.

Relapse prevention therapies can teach you how to Practice self-care. 
Think about why you use.  Drugs or alcohol are used to escape, relax, or reward yourself.  A lack of the knowledge can create situations that are mentally and emotionally draining and make you want to escape.
Alcohol relapse prevention therapy Orang County
The reality of addiction relapse 

2. Mental Relapse                           
In mental relapse there's a war going on in your mind.     
Part of you wants to use, but part of you doesn't.

• Thinking about the old people, places, and things
• Glamorizing the past
• Lying
• Calling or getting together with using friends
• Fantasizing Euphoric recall
• Thinking about getting money or time to use

You can dial into my free recording
 712-432-1085 enter PIN code 832057# 
to hear about brain chemistry changes & how to recovery. 
We do not charge a fee for these calls. 
Tell us your story, we are here to help if we can. 

It gets harder as the psychological addiction becomes active again.

You think I could have just have one drink or drug.  
Or you think, I'm lonely and I know how to get a date or someone to talk to at the bar.
I won't drink, just cokes, but I want to go hang out.  Just to hear the music.  
Going too far back into reminiscing back to the days when the intoxication was working for you, before the progression that got you clean the last time is not realistic and causes lots of mental relapses.   Sure it worked for every problem user at one point, thinking you can go back to the good ol' days is a tool of the dis-ease of addiction talking to you in what sounds like your own voice. 

It is so easy to forget, You'll wake up the next day feeling disappointed in yourself.

If you go through it and get high, it is common not be able to stop the next day, 
and you'll get caught up in the same vicious cycle of addiction, lying, and trouble all over again 
These logical conclusions, seem to escape us once the mental relapse has started. 

Calm yourself down and call for help. 
Google my name Loriann Witte 
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If you could control your use, you would have done it by now. 
Before you got clean the 1st time
Tell someone that you're having urges to use. 
Call your parents or someone who can help you.
Call us we have counselors answering phones about 20 hours a day 

3. Physical Relapse

Once you start thinking about relapse, if you don't get some help the actual using is on it's way. It doesn't take long to go from there to physical relapse. 

Alcoholism in pregnant Mother’s to be California
Relapse can happen
no matter what dire consequence
you are facing 
Driving to the liquor store.
Driving to your dealer.
Calling the doctor who writes the scripts
Trip to the emergency room
Getting with people who use
Going to the Dentist
Over medicating an illness or injury
You know how it goes for you.......

If you have relapsed, or need help to pull out of an emotional or mental relapse pick up the phone now, get help. 

You must kick start your recovery process to get curved back into the person you want to be.

There is a positive way of thinking that is needed and achievable to maintain sobriety and serenity. 

Emotional Sobriety is about getting your thinking into a comfortable enough state to live your life without the need for anesthetic  

We are here to help.  Sober Coaching, Residential Treatment, Comfortable medicine assisted detox referrals.

Your insurance may pay for some more treatment to get you back on track
click to enter your insurance info - we will check your Eligibility.  

Buprenorphine       949-292-2000
Beach Cities Addiction Rehab and Intervention Referrals
Don't stay stuck in this mess
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"Can I bring my dog to drug rehab" California

Pet-Friendly Drug Rehab

Pet-friendly drug rehab and a luxury one at that is here at last. Better yet we are accepting Blue Cross.

"Can I bring my dog to drug rehab" California?

We know you love your dog, and we welcome you both 
Bring my dog to drug rehab
I am more comfortable
when my dog is with me 

Pet-Friendly Drug Rehab "Can I bring my dog with me to treatment"? YES!!!
Is there a pet-friendly
in California 


pet friendly drug rehab
Dog-Friendly Drug and Alcohol Rehab
working with insurance coverage
Comfortable treatment program settings with people who understand how much your pet means to you. Especially when you are going to a new place, it's so good to have your furry friend with you.
Dog people understand dog people.
Dogs are people, too.
It is not easy to leave your familiar surroundings, even when intoxication has taken the best feels of it away from you.
It's not easy to walk away from what you know.
We know we'll miss getting high and the rituals involved in the process.
Going to rehab is a brave thing to do.
It can be done and it is so worth it.
But it is an effort.
Taking your beloved pet with you can make it much easier.
pet friendly drug rehab
Click here to Tell Us Your Story
We are listening
and We are Here to Help
Know that the staff people in treatment are good people who have chosen to use their time to be apart of other people's recovery.
It's very meaningful work.
All of the lessons we've learned about how to not care, and not believe what anyone tells us, needs to be reviewed at this point.
When I have felt like I didn't understand how I need to be in a situation, I have taken comfort in knowing my dog always loves me.
Now is the time to become the person my dog has continued to believe I am.
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Google my Name Loriann Witte 
call 949-292-2000

Mature Adult Alcohol Drug Rehab California

Mature Adult Alcohol Drug Rehab 


"Do you want to clean up your
drug or drinking problem?"

There are too many noisy young kids in rehabs.
Mature Adult Alcohol Drug Rehab California

But the question is,

Must I go to rehab? 

Is that the only way it can be done? 

What are the benefits of Residential Treatment? 

What are the pitfalls?
Mature Adult Alcohol Drug Rehab California
Mature Adult Alcohol Drug Rehab
Mature Adult Alcohol Drug Rehab
You want to get clean and sober
but don't feel ready for the rehab drama.
Is going to a regular rehab the only way?

There is also a very individual approach to let go,
off drugs and alcohol 

Get your system cleaned up in an adult setting.
Mature Adult Alcohol Drug Rehab California 
Do you want a private room?

Do you consider a private bathroom just a standard creature comfort?

Would you appreciate a quiet atmosphere?
Are non-smoking arrangements what you prefer?
Into massage, acupuncture, chiropractic?
Been to treatment before?                                

Feel your attitude could be more mature in a private placement?
One on one therapy sessions twice a week, and group twice a week.

Do you have a court case and would like some privacy about it?
WI Recovery accepts guests in our private home.
Custom sober coach escorts them to their appointments.
Mature Adult Alcohol Drug Rehab California
Mature Adult Alcohol Drug Rehab California
Drug or drinking challenges
Clean up in a private setting
Betty Ford, Hazelden, Carron Foundation, Sierra Tucson are top centers of healing where people change their lives for the better.
But some people just wish there was another 'more private' way to take care of themselves. 

Go for the cure more on your terms.
If you can afford approximately $25,000, There is a more 'low profile' way to get sober.
You can use your health insurance to offset the cost.
Wits Inn Recovery also offers a broad range of referrals to different types of treatment centers.

Doctor's medication assisted detox.
Prepared meals.
One on One counseling and small groups.
Learning how to stay clean and sober is the long term goal.
Methods can be taught and learned.
A person with an addictive personality does well to pamper themselves.
There is a lifestyle for you that no longer requires anesthetic to relax and be comfortable.
You'll be shocked at how many things you can let go. 
Your world doesn't need as much micro-management you may think.
It takes medical help and information along a learning curve that makes a paradigm shift possible.

Therapy with a world-class Ph.D. team.
If you have a beloved pet, bring them with you.
Bring you communication devices, your music, the stuff that makes you happy.

Cutting edge detox doctor's protocols. 
Comfort medications, & holistic methods. 
Massage 3x per week, anti-craving acupuncture, chiropractic relief of the body.

As soon as you are ready, you can choose exercise, yoga, equine therapy, or dog training with a psychologist, or other activities that are of your interest.

You can rest a lot if that's what you need.
We can specialize the schedule to what attracts you, and we can amend it if you change your interest.

Call 877-724-7472

You can do this, and we want to help.

Our operators are very knowledgeable and will point you in the right direction.

Text 949-413-4109

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Mature Adult Alcohol Drug Rehab
WI Recovery
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