Mature Adult Alcohol Drug Rehab California

Mature Adult Alcohol Drug Rehab 


"Do you want to clean up your
drug or drinking problem?"

There are too many noisy young kids in rehabs.
Mature Adult Alcohol Drug Rehab California

But the question is,

Must I go to rehab? 

Is that the only way it can be done? 

What are the benefits of Residential Treatment? 

What are the pitfalls?
Mature Adult Alcohol Drug Rehab California
Mature Adult Alcohol Drug Rehab
Mature Adult Alcohol Drug Rehab
You want to get clean and sober
but don't feel ready for the rehab drama.
Is going to a regular rehab the only way?

There is also a very individual approach to let go,
off drugs and alcohol 

Get your system cleaned up in an adult setting.
Mature Adult Alcohol Drug Rehab California 
Do you want a private room?

Do you consider a private bathroom just a standard creature comfort?

Would you appreciate a quiet atmosphere?
Are non-smoking arrangements what you prefer?
Into massage, acupuncture, chiropractic?
Been to treatment before?                                

Feel your attitude could be more mature in a private placement?
One on one therapy sessions twice a week, and group twice a week.

Do you have a court case and would like some privacy about it?
WI Recovery accepts guests in our private home.
Custom sober coach escorts them to their appointments.
Mature Adult Alcohol Drug Rehab California
Mature Adult Alcohol Drug Rehab California
Drug or drinking challenges
Clean up in a private setting
Betty Ford, Hazelden, Carron Foundation, Sierra Tucson are top centers of healing where people change their lives for the better.
But some people just wish there was another 'more private' way to take care of themselves. 

Go for the cure more on your terms.
If you can afford approximately $25,000, There is a more 'low profile' way to get sober.
You can use your health insurance to offset the cost.
Wits Inn Recovery also offers a broad range of referrals to different types of treatment centers.

Doctor's medication assisted detox.
Prepared meals.
One on One counseling and small groups.
Learning how to stay clean and sober is the long term goal.
Methods can be taught and learned.
A person with an addictive personality does well to pamper themselves.
There is a lifestyle for you that no longer requires anesthetic to relax and be comfortable.
You'll be shocked at how many things you can let go. 
Your world doesn't need as much micro-management you may think.
It takes medical help and information along a learning curve that makes a paradigm shift possible.

Therapy with a world-class Ph.D. team.
If you have a beloved pet, bring them with you.
Bring you communication devices, your music, the stuff that makes you happy.

Cutting edge detox doctor's protocols. 
Comfort medications, & holistic methods. 
Massage 3x per week, anti-craving acupuncture, chiropractic relief of the body.

As soon as you are ready, you can choose exercise, yoga, equine therapy, or dog training with a psychologist, or other activities that are of your interest.

You can rest a lot if that's what you need.
We can specialize the schedule to what attracts you, and we can amend it if you change your interest.

Call 877-724-7472

You can do this, and we want to help.

Our operators are very knowledgeable and will point you in the right direction.

Text 949-413-4109

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Mature Adult Alcohol Drug Rehab
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