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Loriann Witte


"I don't treat the sickness in a person. 

Recovery fans the flames of the spark of life.

That craves something better, something more." 

- Loriann Witte

Addiction is not the truth of a soul. 
There is hope and we'd like to help. 

Hello, my name is Loriann a certified Drug 

and Alcohol counselor 
and a Nationally certified drug and alcohol 

Loriann Witte, founder of the 
Wits Inn Recovery treatment centers 
of San Juan Capistrano, CA
and Wits End Interventions. 

Addiction recovery has become my life's work. 
I have been sober for over 25 years. 
I take it one day at a time, stay sober 
and work to practice the AA code of 
love and tolerance. 
I don't take any chances with my clean time, 
or my serenity.

"My Divine gift has been  getting to help remind addicts 
who they really are. 
Myself and the staff we choose to work with, 
stand sober and full of as much peace as we can muster in the presence 
of those who want our help. 
I live as a student of spiritual growth so my teachers stand right 
there with me.

"I get to see the higher self reawakening in my friends 
and take its rightful place in the driver’s seat. 
The power and unbridled joy that comes out of this love-fest, 
is over the moon and back again.

We do recover.

And it is glorious.

Loriann Witte, CAC, C.N.D.A.I, RAS

Loriann Witte is the owner operator 
of Wits Inn Recovery. 
She is the author of Life Lessons 
and contributing author to 
"The Glories of Sobriety."

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