Robin Williams died of dual diagnosis disorder Mental Illness and Addiction

Robin Williams died of dual diagnosis disorder Mental Illness and Addiction
Robin Williams was among 
the last people to see 
John Belushi alive before his 
drug overdose 
as Robin used cocaine with 
Belushi that night in 1982
Dual Diagnosis Treatment
Medicine assisted MD doctor's detox
Psychiatric care, PhD therapist
Holistic soothing
3 x weekly Massage, Acupuncture
Chiropractic nutrition & vitamin advisor
Very private adult setting
Paid with Cash or HMO, PPO insurance

We must increase public awareness of the contributions people with mental illness give to increase to qualities of all of our lives
We must know and we must empower our dual diagnosis addicts with the realization that a mental health diagnosis doesn't  end life's potential.

In my opinion getting clean & sober is the first and most vital step in the cessation of suffering in order to prevent eventual suicide.

Staying clean most often requires psychotherapeutic prescriptions to stabilize brain chemistry and decrease the drive to self medicate with intoxicants.

Learning how precious and vital each person is a divine expression in form
Mental Illness and Addiction a sign of creativity in recovery
Rise above the manusha of the small mind
Participate in the wonder of this adventure of life
Support with appreciation and respect
Dual diagnosis disorder
Mental Illness and Addiction
can become a valuable gift 

A list of just a very few famous dual diagnosis people whose
 name's have familiar to millions of people, household words.
Robin Williams died of dual diagnosis disorder Mental Illness and Addiction
as have so many others we have loved

* Robin Williams
* John Belushi
* John Candy
* Chris Farley
* Jimi Hendrix

So very many others that we know and love
We must ask ourselves as Mental Health Advocacy and NAMI
ask in this video.
Does Mental Illness define Art and Literature?

Robin Williams drug and alcohol problems date back to the 70's when fame found him with the hit TV show Mork and Mindy, with his co-star Pam Dawber.
That hilarious show aired for 4 years.

I has been said the Robin Williams contended with these mental illness issues for decades compounded and exasperated by drug and alcohol use and abuse

Talent is freed and greatly increased in recovery call 949-292-2000
Often artist say, If I get clean my creative expression will change. That is the voice of mental illness and addiction holding you in the trap. 

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Robin Williams died of dual diagnosis disorder 
Mental Illness and Addiction
Don't let this happen to you or your loved one
There is help and there is hope 949-292-2000