Drug rehabs don't work in California or Florida

Over the past 25 years people call the WI Recovery lines. 949-292-2000 

Drug rehabs don't work

they do not cure your addiction

They call looking for direction, how to help themselves or someone they love find a way out of the consequences of addiction.
Some call to thank us or invite us to weddings, christenings, and graduations.
Some hurt and discouraged folks tell us.....

Drug Rehabs don't work 

we have spent so much time and money trying

Drug Rehabs in California and Florida 

It's true Drug Rehabs don't work  

Just like Diet's don't work.  You go on a diet, look good for even a year, then tend to gain back even more weight than when you started the diet.

Drug Rehabs don't work; 

Not in the way some people think they should.

Not like chemo, or a liver transplant. 
Medical procedures may or may not work. 
Treatment is not a fix, it is an introduction to a process. 
Or a stabilization and denial breaking reintroduction back into a healing & functional daily routine.  People can become alienated from the program because of the fear of failure and embarrassment. 
One must stay involved in the process for as long as they want to stay sober

Saving yourself daily becomes possible
with drug Rehab help 

Rehab saves a person, by getting them safe and out of the action of their daily lives.
Medically stabilized and into the daily process of recovery.

Saving yourself daily becomes possible with drug rehab help.  

If you are in treatment, and feel like it's the same old thing, like you could teach the classes....
your most important work lies in overcoming your ego. Finding humility, pray to realize how seriously you drinking and using is keeping you out of step with others who know how to just be

If you want to drink or use; that's your business
If you want to stop so the consequences will stop 
Maybe we can help
Relax into willingness
Feeling superior or inferior to others blocks us from our fellows  

It is each person's responsibility to achieve Divinity

I do not believe we are just animals with big brains
Our choices are to stay with the Monkey mind of the malcontent or stretching to grow ever beyond to our highest selves.
Many of us are trying to develop better personalities with the use of alcohol and drugs.
We use and drink as our solution, but it is the wrong solution, so eventually it becomes bigger than the original problems
All power is in the present moment.

Drug Rehab is not a cure.
You don't need to be cured.
Realization of who you are as a perfect expression of the exquisite,
dressed in your earth suit as you.

Change is a process.
Peace of mind & comfort is in being in the daily process of growth & flow.

A positive schedule that is good for you.
As you like it, in rhythm with your personal timing.
Add or delete as needed. In recovery we do not struggle.
We cease fighting everybody and everything.

The magic pills or the most cutting edge treatment de jure
are only usable as bridges to the same place.

The answers lie within.
Sitting through, getting through, and then learning how to just
be present as the witness.

I can say Divine Will is what is happening while we are analyzing
whether it is right or wrong - fair or unfair.

Acceptance is 'a kindness' to one's inside self.
Let it be
Could it be we are each chosen for our challenges and strife?

Are we chosen from beyond, or do we do our own choosing.
Some believe we make soul agreements about the meaning of
our individual or collective lives.
Some believe in predestination.
Other hold 'free will' on high as their explanation.

Thinking about what you believe,
knowing the beliefs of others is thought on a higher level.

What rings true for you?
Respecting ourselves & others as souls, all here in this life experience together.

This is the process. This is the type of thoughts we listen for in meetings.

Care for your body.

Care for your mind.

Know your cause.

Stay the course.

Care for the growth of your soul.

Kindness to yourself and your relationships can spread into a daily creation of a better world.

The truth is other people have hurt you.
You have hurt others.
You can be OK anyway. More than just OK. Divine, good and very good.
You are that right now. Let it be, let it grow.

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If you want a different kind of rehab than you have experienced in the past.
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