Dependent populations living on Social Security Drug addicts and mental illness

Dependent populations living on Social Security Drug addicts and mental illness 

Public confidence in Social Security is of utmost importance. We should strive to create a system which protects Social Security's financial solvency and promotes equity.  If you have an addict in your family, now is the time to get them help, do all you can as a family to keep them in treatment. Even if you know they would drink or use if they were not living in a structure. Any clean time helps. Extended drug and alcohol use creates mental illness, which creates a great burden on the family and society.

Social Security Dependance isthe result of the party life

People of addiction are far beyond the help of our families; the therapeutic value of one addict helping another is without parallel.  That is what the NA basic text says.  Mental health and chemical dependency professionals have made great strides in discovering what works and what doesn't work in dual diagnosis rehab 


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Do you think your drinking smoking kids are just experimenting "like young people do"  It's time for that thinking to stop. 
Extended intoxication creates mental illness which can add up to a state of "unemployed and unemployable". Addicts who work cost the the insurance companies more than average in medical coverage. 

Great cost to the employers of drug and alcohol users can be measured in performance. Look at half effort days of hang overs and absences. 

The families and children of addicts pay through the nose developing anxiety, emotional, & physical ailments. 
     Children, parents and spouses of addicts often find it difficult to compete thereby becoming underemployed and dependent on any organized achievers of the family or they fall to societies safety nets. 

      Social Security is for retired American workers. 
The drug dependent mentally ill population, is a great strain on all of us. 

    When you want to give up on your family members out of control behavior, please take some responsibility and do what you can to help them get and stay placed in care facilities. 

Maybe they will get well. Maybe they must have group support and structure as the only way they can hope to be functional. 

Please don't expect the government to handle this epidemic.   

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Situations have changed, everyone can have health insurance. Families of the mentally ill and drug or alcohol addicted people, Please help them to have coverage.

This growing population of dependent people lack organizational skills. Please families step up and help them.

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Really drugs are not the answer, We do not need all of these doctor visits. you do not have a benzo deficiency or an opiate deficiency. Adderall is speed. Seriously diet and exercise makes a person feel great. Hay House Daily Affirmations Know you are whole, well, and healthy. Get detox and rehab Please get help 949-292-2000. or text 949-413-4109