Drug rehab that knows about anxiety and depression

Anxiety and depression persist along with my need for drug and alcohol rehab 
We understand and can help

Understanding the clouds of anxiety and depression
Dark clouds of depression block us
from our full-color life 

I need a drug rehab center that knows about dealing with anxiety and depression. 

Have you experienced
1. Stress that lead to depression?
            I. Stress in childhood, that set you in a pattern of anxiety when faced with challenge 
        II. Does that anxious feeling come back on you now in adulthood
2.  Inability to adapt to stress is the onset of depression or anxiety
3.  Stress affects (the brain, heart, lungs, blood vessels, and muscles) 
4.  Anxiety disorder often causes depression
5. Substance abuse can be a cause or an effect of anxiety disorders 
6. Sleep problems - Insomnia 
7. Bowel problem or issues with digestion 
8. Headaches 
9. Lowers the quality of life 

An Anxiety disorder does more than just make you worry too much. 

Substance abuse does worsen the depression as well as other mental and physical health conditions.  

Change your life by changing your mind 

Getting clean, sober, and medically stabilized is the first step on the path to happiness and health.  If a brain chemistry imbalance is present, it may well need to be treated with medication. Dialing in brain chemistry is a delicate process. Creating a peaceful environment and learning how to be in charge of the thoughts you choose to entertain is most important. 

We have the power to co-create
our life experience with our thoughts,

 words and deeds. 

Change your mind to Change your Life   

Dual Diagnosis Drug, Alcohol Detox, and Treatment
is the right place to start 
 call 877-724-7472

Wits Inn Recovery  Helping people and their families with Drug, Alcohol, challenges.  

Services ranging from  

1. Medicine-assisted detox,  

2. Rehab treatment centers,  

3. Dual diagnosis programs (addicts who also have mental health care needs),  

5. Facilitated family interventions  (Want help to get your loved one to treatment)  

6. Evaluations & Assessments  

Call us 949-292-2000 or text 949-413-4109  

We verify your PPO, HMO insurance finding a rehab for lowest co-pay / no out of pocket or Cash your price range

Also available in Orange County California only  

Very private, non-smoker, Adult setting, with a maximum of 3 clients 




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