Heroin Addicts Must have Long Term Rehabilitation to be Able to Change

Heroin Addicts Must have Long Term Rehabilitation to be
Able to Change
 their Coping Skills 

Able to Change Coping Skills
Heroin addicts must 
have long term rehab 
Heroin users, Junkies are at the far end of the spectrum in drug addiction.
This can be compared to all opiate dependencies, such as oxycontin, lortab, vicodin, hydrocodone, norco, morphine, methadone, and more.
      Sometimes heroin users are seen as worse off than prescription addicts only because there is no prescription available for heroin; there by it cannot be obtained legally or paid for by insurance.  Some level of crime is most often involved in heroin use.  The most popular crime at least in the beginning of the cycle is stealing or extorting funds from one's family, place of employment, landlords; those close at hand.  As tolerance increases and motivation decrease these crimes spread out in ever widening circles.
      Robbing the immediate family extends out to the neighbors, once fired from work, the user needs to start working their x co-workers and any remaining friends or loved ones.
     As the tolerance levels continue to increase, the urgent need for increased financial resources stretches beyond any values the victim of addiction once held as true.
     Craving seriously takes over all other needs, as one by one more and more behavioral limits are tramped down and re-set in shifting sands.  The ends are always the same jails, institutions, death or recovery.
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     Supporting a heroin habit requires a person to act out in sociopathic behaviors.
     Personality disorders, brain chemistry issues are generally at the base of the heroin addict lifestyle being able to become adopted by people who have know a more stable lifestyle in their family of origin.  Real and perceived emotional trauma tend to historic causes that regularly disclosed in therapy.    

      The disease of addiction becomes a formidable entity all in itself.

Society holds the addict responsible for their sociopathic behavior, that's why the prisons are full of mentally ill addicts.  Somewhere in our heart of hearts we hear a stirring asking why these people can not rise above this self defeating situation.      
Addiction means using against your own will. 

      Recover is possible.
      Very comfortable medical detox so the addict can make it without running
      Slow titrate longer term use detox medication / but not maintenance
      Stabilization of any mental illness
      Education and therapy learning rigorous honesty, empathy, and acceptance

Heroin addicts must change coping skill
Using Against Your Will
People of addiction are far beyond the help of our families; the therapeutic value of one addict helping another is without parallel.  That is what the NA basic text says.  Mental health and chemical dependency professionals have made great strides in discovering what works and what doesn't work in dual diagnosis rehab 
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