Social Security after a Stroke, Social Security for Drug Addicts, Mental Illness

What do u think ???

Social Security after a Stroke, 

Social Security for 

Drug Addicts, Mental Illness

I think American spend too much energy being sick of things. 
I believe we co-create our experience with our thoughts, words and deeds. 

Social Security 

God is all there is, Everything I see, and have ever seen is made of God stuff. There is a power for good in the universe that can be used by me and every single person to create health, abundance, and Love I use it now and I rejoice in it.

I see the system as balancing out. Divine guidance is upon our law makers.
I see many more American's being able to work, and working.
Mental, physical, and spiritual health creates prosperity as the standard we accept as our own.

I do my part in prayer for intelligence, higher consciousness, and mindful living to reign as the fact of humanity Now.
I write this as law in the book of the universe.
I release it in great Thanksgiving, Knowing it is so.
I let it be. And so it is.

That is what I meant to say.......
When I first wrote it and sent it to my friend who had stated she was feeling victimized, and talked down to by a comment she had heard that stated people who were receiving Social Security as having entitlement issues.......

So she reacted with this 'off the point', political style, 'tit for tat' return, that compared apple with oranges and attacked the benefit packages of congress. 

No wonder my original statement that was laced with 'poor me, so screw you,'
language spurred this response. 

I started my lovely affirmative prayer, that you see above - ie:
God is all there is; Well my first writing of it went something like this............

God is all there is, Everything I see, and everything I have ever seen is made of God stuff. There is a power for good in the universe that can be used by me and every single person to create health, abundance, and Love I use it now and I rejoice in it. 

I gratefully receive my social security. I was forced to pay into it since my first job at 16 years old. I paid into to it when I had two babies and a PTSD husband to support after he returned from Vietnam.
I wished so hard that I could keep my tax money to buy food and pay my babysitter.
When I had businesses for some 20 years I paid my income tax and had to matched the tax dollars of my employees and felt this burden of debt.  

In the drug treatment business I saw multitudes of people suffering with mental illnesses, and physical problems caused by drug addiction at young ages collecting social security. 

I have heard the the SS fund may not be stable because government decision makers used the money for other causes. People are living longer, combined with the epidemic of drug addiction and mental illness can combine to give me pause.  
(This scarcity rambling concluded, I tried to go back into faith mode and make this into a prayer again.)

I posted this to my girlfriends facebook page - without re-reading it, or checking my motives, and called it a prayer. 

Debbie responded:
  I have been paying this since I was a runaway and working at Burger king , then a cook at a Country truck stop when I was 15 years old and I didn't put my social down correctly, switched 2 numbers around.
  I was working and going to school and living alone.
  Paid into social security all my life. Oh and I also paid into it out of my workman's comp. So I wouldn't get screwed when I do retire..

(This gal had been my employee way back - so her response to my offensive, complaining, judgemental, victim statements had opened her pain body and caused her to take a defensive posture with me, in return.)

Debbie responded: 
I will re check, but I remember using my Social Security Card.. it could be the Social Security Office fault, being that for my younger years I transposed my number at one time... but I thought I told them about it years ago... I will check though.. just is hard when u have to come up with proof of where u worked...

Loriann Witte It was hard for me pulling all of my records together too. I had just had a stroke before I came of age to file for SS so Pat did all of the paper work. But I am grateful to be an American.

Debbie responded: 
Also I have had a married hyphenated name that I got stuck using long after the marriage dissolved, because someone else was working under my maiden name and my social security number. Found this out when I filed my taxes, and was informed that I had already filed when I hadn't.. 

Debbie responded:
I am going to try to get a new Social Security number... I have experienced Identity theft 

Debbie responded:
I am grateful to be alive, I had a stroke April of last year and the stupid hospital tried to say I had pneumonia,  I think I would of had a cold or something.. I got dizzy and woke up on floor couldn't move, my cat saved my life, by running in and out of the house until dark, I was paralyzed and couldn't move... it took me 4 months to be able to touch my fingers one at a time to each other,, hard work ....I lived alone then.

Loriann Witte That's the kind of stuff that happens when we are not our best selves. For me it is important that I don't get down on the government, and I don't name people who try to help me as stupid.  I remind myself that I don't have enough information to judge.  It may sound apathetic but I trust better informed people watch them like a hawk.  I have done a lot of step work to not pick up or entertain resentments. ( I changed my original post, because on the 10th step side I saw it as full of self pity and blame) so I cleaned it up to be the prayer that represents the thinking of my higher mind.

Loriann Witte I had the stroke I believe because of ego. I had 4 major stressors on my mind - I re-thought them over and over for some months. 1. I was giving out money that I could not afford to help someone. Paying them monthly. Too proud and afraid to speak up and say it wasn't ok for me.

Debbie responded:
Oh I am not judging , don't get me wrong, It is hard to just go through all paperwork, being I have traveled a lot, but always worked .. hell in 2008 I had to travel all the way to Indiana just for work.. and the funniest thing that happened was I was hired from Arizona went to Indiana to work at the CDC , when I got there passed all interviews, psych evals, and at the end, the lady said , oh your drivers license,  and said i had to have my license in their state for 1 yr. I spent it working at an amusement park and a truck stop, but before the year was up I fell on ice and had to have back surgery..... life isn't always easy, but I think I enjoy the

Debbie responded:
Miss u guys though, wish I was working in Cali. now. in treatment , can't be a caregiver anymore.. I walk with a cane, but I can drive and God willing , one of u guys will give me my love career back, helping others & getting a little money and a room for, hard paying rent and I can't get a regular job , been off work to long, 4 yrs.

Loriann Witte  Had a person getting out of jail, that I was so fearful would move in on me and I have to support them, and deal with their resentments and mental illness that has left a very small spot in my house left for me to be. Had experienced tremendous discomfort with this situation in the past. Felt I would have to move out to have any peace. Confrontation freaks me out. And standing up to close family is so difficult for me. I am still not sure what my part in that is.

Loriann Witte 3. I got involved with an expensive project that was bigger than my company at the time could support. Taking 7 people on a marketing thing. 4. I can't remember what the 4th thing was. But it was a big deal at the time, so much that I was losing my temper left and right + losing sleep. Then I went to Disneyland with my young, strong, prime time adult son. We had been doing physically exercise type trips together, and I was so excited to have his attention. He approaching 40 and I was 60 so I had to show off how fit and able to keep up I was, so he would like me and keep including me. At Disneyland it was about 104 + in mid August California heat wave. We stayed 2 nights, on the 3rd day I had to sort of run - exhausted to keep up with my son's long leg work, my husband in a scoter, and my toddler Granddaughter about 4 in a pram or riding on the scooter with my husband. I hit Disney Main Street with a thud. Lying in a pool of sweat then rushed off by the Disneyland and Anaheim emergency services. Two years later, I am improving. I site Ego as the cause. As I have sat and contemplated.

Loriann Witte Easy does it girl, you and me. Limitless eternal spirits, in our finite earth suites. I'm putting this thread in my blog- is that ok?

 If I could put all of my paid SS taxes I have give to the government for

 the last forty years into a 401k I would be retiring a millionaire instead of 

getting 1300 dollars a month.

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