Addicted to Heroin in San Clemente

Addicted to Heroin in San Clemente

Letter From the Parent of a San Clemente Heroin Addict

Our twenty one year old daughter came back to live with us after living away for nine months. She left because of a drug conviction. It turns out her first boyfriend was the local high school drug connection selling meth, heroin, pain pills and speed, as well as a petty theft.

Turns out the kid was stealing from  us and our neighbors. He took my wife's jewelry and my power tools. It was just a matter of time before they got busted. He went to jail and our daughter got probation on the condition she’d go to treatment. She completed a 14 day program and a 5 day detox from heroin .

I now know her stay wasn't long enough. When she exited treatment she rented a room and worked in a bakery and did well ..  we thought. Things were fine for the first month.  Then she started making short trips in and out of the house meeting different boys, next we found burnt tin foil on the floor in her bedroom.

We went out to dinner and she started nodding her head  like she was falling asleep. These are all signs of smoking or shooting heroin. She was again addicted to heroin in San Clemente.

We confronted her on her drug abuse  and she denied it. When confronted she would get angry and storm away. Her behavior was disrupting  the whole house, her brother and sister stayed upset with her behavior. We told her she had to get clean or move. She moved out again and now shes homeless living on the streets between Dana Point and San Clemente smoking heroin, marijuana and doing pain pills and meth. We've offered her medical detox and drug  treatment countless times.  We had a homemade intervention, she listened  but she didn't want to get clean. Our next step is a professional interventionist  then a  stay in a residential drug and treatment center in Dana Point Ca.

I know she went to treatment once but some kids need a second try and I've done my research.

Intervention and residential  treatment is our best option. She has an heroin addiction. Its a horrible disease and I won't leave her living on the streets without trying to help,  Interventions have a high success rate and once we get her in a residential treatment and detox her she has a chance. In the treatment center  They can teach and reinforce the skills and tools necessary for her to have a sober productive life.

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