Addicted to pain pills how can I quit?

Addicted to pain pills how can I quit?

Letter from a client that beat their addiction to pain pills. 

I always liked pain medication. When I went to the dentists office I always left with pain pills. I didn't need them and then I would take 6 every hour and not the 1 every 6 hours as prescribed. I didn't think it was a problem because when I ran out of the pain meds I'd stop.

I’d stop until the next dentist visit. I now know this was a form of denial. This went on for years, any chance I had to get pain pills from a doctor for what I thought were a legitimate reasons.  I’d get them then take them way too fast but when they were gone I wouldn't seek more. I was ok.. I thought?.

I play golf and I met a guy who was a friend of a friend. We hit it off and started to play golf together often. My friend had been wounded in Vietnam. I discovered that he was getting pain pills every month from the VA. He kept several in his pocket at all times. Knowing this put me on alert. He started giving me pills on the golf course.

This was how it went wrong. He gave me pills in the beginning but later he wanted money. Before long I was paying him hundreds each week to supply my addiction. I tried to stop on my own. I tried to kick it with suboxone but could not do it alone and my life spiralled out of control. I spent thousands of dollars, wrecked cars  and got looked up in a psych ward twice  I was suicidal, I'd lost all hope, my life was in shambles and I couldnt stop using, the withdrawal was a living nightmare, I would get so sick and to stop the pain I used again.

All along I had been going to AA meetings with no success. On a saturday morning in August my family armed with an interventionist showed up in my living room. The next day I was on a plane to treatment. I arrived and with a medical detox I got off the pain meds. After ninety days of treatment I was alive again. I was excited to meet the world when just 3 short months prior I was ready to end my life. With the help of an intervention and residential treatment I have a life today. These days life is good. I work, I'm active in recovery and I have purpose in life. Today I feel whole.

Addicted to pain pills how did I quit? By seeking help.

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