I Was A Bipolar Addict Living With Dual Diagnosis In Orange County

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I Was A Bipolar Addict
Living With Dual Diagnosis
 In Orange County

bipolar addict living with dual diagnosis in orange county.

Diet and Exercise calm the Bipolar Addict 

Dual Diagnosis in Orange County

I've been battling addiction for years. In drug and alcohol treatment The mental health professionals had hung a label on me. They said I was bipolar. What does that even mean?

I've had extended periods of time of sobriety working the program. I went to meetings and had a sponsor. I was in the middle of the herd, but I never felt normal.

My emotions always drove my behavior and seemed to drive the direction of my attitudes about the people places and things around me.

When I'd go out with friends after a meeting, sometimes I'd be so hyper and animated. I might get up from the table and move around the restaurant.

I'd stand behind my friends sometimes bumping them with a light nudge or push on their shoulders. Honestly, I was just affectionate, but some didn't feel it that way.

I was a bipolar addict living with dual diagnosis in Orange County, and I needed help! 

One morning after a dinner with friends I got a text saying
“take your meds you freak”!
I was horrified and embarrassed.
My manic behavior was causing trouble.

The Meds? I was taking my meds. Two types to be precise, one kept me groggily and the other a mood stabilizer had no effects I could feel or notice.

The majority of the time I was more manic and seldom depressed.
I had racing thoughts and a vivid imagination. The meds weren't working too to my liking.

I was encouraged to try diet and exercise to supplement my meds to handle my bipolar. I was more often manic than I was depressed.

My goal was to stop my mind from racing.
Today in the mornings I do my meditation, and I exercise. It's a great way to get grounded and balanced. I still take my meds but have lowered the dose. The exercise counters the mania and also helps me sleep at night. 
I eat a clean diet with lots of fruits and vegetables.

In treatment, I started exercising again, and I'm sober,  call us. We can offer you solutions.

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