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If Detox is not covered by insurance we have lower cost cash settings referrals

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    In my personal 16 plus years of active addiction I tried home detox by going to a doctors over and over probably a full 10 out of the 16 years.  Then I went to treatment and got clean over 20 years ago.  The home detox thing is a part of active addiction.

    My heart goes out to those who need a medicine assisted detox. I just know that when you use opiates,benzo’s, or alcohol even if it starts out casual for entertainment or even for physical pain, what happens is we start to notice that these addictive substances also treat emotional pain.
    At least it numbs out the emotional pain for a while.  The problem with most drug use (Alcohol is also a Drug) is its unstable and the effects change.  Pretty soon it does not help much with physical pain, it actually begins to create more pain and sickness by keeping you down and not letting your body heal itself as well as it could with exercise, sleep, and food.  We start to ignore our emotional issues more than we should so the emotional pain gets worse than when we started out.

   For me I didn’t mean to get addicted.  My intention was not to screw anything up.  I was looking for a solution to a problem.  I used drugs and drank as the solution; but it was the wrong solution and became bigger than the original problem.  
    It is very important to the suffering person to know they can get a comfortable detox.  They have been through alot of physical and emotional torment to get to the point of addiction.  Whatever trials the love ones of these afflicted people have been put through have also badly hurt the self esteem of the addict (even while the act self centered and unaware of the pain they cause).  The more they hurt, the more anaesthetic that is needed.  
    There is so much to recovering from drug or alcohol issues beyond treating the physical symptoms.  I would always suggest Detox be followed by treatment.
Of course this is a very personal individual decision. Just letting you know widely varying prices and settings are available.  
    People do not have to keep going back and forth with using and drinking bouts, it does not have to be that way.  There is comfort and peace of mind in recovery.  Addicts and alcoholics do recover. I do not have drug craving in my life today.  Call my
counselors 949-292-2000 or text me 949-413-4109.

You can Google my name Loriann Witte and see lots of stuff I have written about about using, drinking, detox, treatment, and recovery.  I am a clean recovering addict with a good life, and more happy times than sad.  I believe this can happen for you too.  I’m here if you need me.
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Loriann Witte CAC, CNADI, RAS

If Detox is not covered by insurance we have lower cost cash settings referrals 
and financing available

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